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Ubuntu 20.04 has been released 24.4.2020. 


In order of importance:

  • Protect users from using sudo to run pip or conda.
  • VDI version testing.
  • Update cubbli-theme.
  • Install Gromacs


  • User runnable upgrader. 
  • Zoom login does not work.
  • Remote accessible ssh host
  • Classroom workstation tested and working.
  • Fix CIFS mounts.
  • Test NFS home directories for classroom installation. 
  • Install cuda toolkit. 
  • HY-panel needs fixing.
  • Automate Cubbli-database update. 
  • Matlab and Mathematica autoinstallation.
  • Nvdia drivers work
  • Cleanup script for /oldlinux
  • Reinstaller testing
  • Matlab 2020b5
  • AD Workstation tested and working
  • VMWare Horizon client (huom. Horizon Client 2012)
  • Nextcloud clients
  • Conda
  • sublimetext
  • Ida clients
  • Skype
  • Check that Desktops other than default Gnome work
  • Ida clients
  • Skype
  • Check that Desktops other than default Gnome work
  • Maple
  • RStudio.
  • Call-home skripti.
  • cubbli20-testing repository.
  • Visual studio code installed. 
  • KVM Windows working
  • Telegram desktop client
  • Fuxi laptop pre installations (JJ) 
  • Create a new apt repositorory for Cubbli 20.
  • Create new git tree.
  • Port cubbli-repository-conf, cubbli-ssh-keys, and cubbli-hyad, cubbli-base and cubbly-hyad to new distro.
  • At least attempt to use Ansible instead of shell scripts
  • Create installer and in-place replacement images.
  • Working first login
  • Ansible-konfiguraatio
  • Rstudio
  • Mathematica
  • Tmcbeans client (JJ) (imagessa)
  • Teams client (JJ) (imagessa)
  • Auto-install should install Cubbli 20 (JJ)
  • Install image which can be used for Fuxi laptops (JJ)
  • Clone to USB sticks (JJ)
  • Zoom client (JJ) (imagessa)
  • Automaattipäivitysskriptin tarkastus. 

Old 18.04 packages possibly needing new versions.

  • cubbli-repository-conf package adds repositories to apt configuration, including cubbli repositories and selected 3rd party repositories
  • cubbli-ssh-keys install ssh-keys required for remote Cubbli maintenance. If this is removed, the Cubbli development group cannot access the host remotely.
  • cubbli-base is a metapackage containing non-graphical software and configuration which does not depend on Cubbli being joined to AD.HELSINKI.FI domain
  • cubbli-hyad is a package which contains scripts and configuration which are used when Cubbli is being used in AD.HELSINKI.FI domain
  • cubbli-desktop is a metapackage which depends on essential GUI software. Essential if Cubbli is being used in laptop or workstation
  • cubbl-apps is a metapackage which depends on applications which are installed in Cubbli
  • cubbli-dev is a metapackage which depends on software required for development
  • cubbli-extra is a metapackage which installs 3rd party software non free software which is packaged or downloaded to Cubbli-repositories by the Cubbli development team
  • cubbli-theme install Cubbli look & feel
  • cubbli-stata Cubbli packaging of Stata
  • cubbli-full Metapackage which installs everything
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