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    Work done:
  • Cubbli/Ubuntu 18 installer can now be started from PXE boot (bionic.seed)
  • Debian installer seeds are in cubbli18 repository in
  • Cubbli 18 can be installed from USB stick live install
  • Existing Cubbli 18 installations can be upgraded to new installation
  • University configuration from cubbli-hyad package works, including eduroam, openvpn, printing and file systems
  • cubbli-extra package works, including Matlab 2018a
  • Clonable vmware image of Cubbli 18 with no GUI software or libs.
  • vmware-horizon-client works
  • Finnish spelling with voikko in mozilla, libreoffice and libenchant
  • rstudio-1.1.456
  • slack-desktop added
  • Mathematica
  • Cubbli themes, including old Cinnamon theme. 
  • cubbli-tmcbeans added
  • fuxi laptop integration works
  • pxe/efi installation with secure boot works
  • Matlab2018b has been packaged
  • integrated login now works
  • is now running Cubbli 18
  • is now running Cubbli 18
  • Stata 15 has been packaged
  • Julia Language has been packaged
  • Melkki has been upgraded. 
  • Installer image are now generated by scripts.
  • No more updates here, refer to the main Cubbli page for news. 


  • cubbli-repository-conf package adds repositories to apt configuration, including cubbli repositories and selected 3rd party repositories
  • cubbli-ssh-keys install ssh-keys required for remote Cubbli maintenance. If this is removed, the Cubbli development group cannot access the host remotely.
  • cubbli-base is a metapackage containing non-graphical software and configuration which does not depend on Cubbli being joined to AD.HELSINKI.FI domain
  • cubbli-hyad is a package which contains scripts and configuration which are used when Cubbli is being used in AD.HELSINKI.FI domain
  • cubbli-desktop is a metapackage which depends on essential GUI software. Essential if Cubbli is being used in laptop or workstation
  • cubbl-apps is a metapackage which depends on applications which are installed in Cubbli
  • cubbli-dev is a metapackage which depends on software required for development
  • cubbli-extra is a metapackage which installs 3rd party software non free software which is packaged or downloaded to Cubbli-repositories by the Cubbli development team
  • cubbli-theme install Cubbli look & feel
  • cubbli-stata Cubbli packaging of Stata
  • cubbli-full Metapackage which install everything


  • Test that bionic.seed works and installs correct packages

  • install tensorflow

  • Install r-cran R-packages

  • install keras

  • snaps do not work (this is a bug in the snap system, they make assumptions about home directories).

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