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Analytical Inverse Problems

Group members

Group LeaderResearcherUniversity LecturerResearch Coordinator


Katya Krupchyk

Petri Ola

Petteri Piiroinen

Postdoctoral Researchers

Eemeli Blåsten

Pedro Caro

Jan Cristina

Tapio Helin



Doctoral Students



Matti Määttä

Valter Pohjola

Esa Vesalainen



What do we do?

Scattering theory

Inverse boundary value problems

Statistical and stochastic inverse problems

Inverse problems for hearing



Recent papers


  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk, Matti Lassas and Gunther Uhlmann; Inverse boundary value problems for the perturbed polyharmonic operator. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 366, 95-112 (2014). [journal | arXiv]
  • Eemeli Blåsten, Lassi Päivärinta and John Sylvester, Corners Always Scatter, accepted for publication in Comm. Math. Phys. [journal | arXiv]
  • Eemeli Blåsten and and Lassi Päivärinta, Completeness of generalized transmission eigenstates, Inverse Problems 29, 104002 (2013). [journal]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk; Inverse transmission problems for magnetic Schrödinger operators. To appear in Int. Math. Res. Notices. (2013). [arXiv]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk and Gunther Uhlmann; Uniqueness in an inverse boundary problem for a magnetic Schrödinger operator with a bounded magnetic potential. To appear in Comm. Math. Phys. (2013). [arXiv]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk and Gunther Uhlmann; On $L^p$ resolvent estimates for elliptic operators on compact manifolds. To appear in Comm. Partial Differential Equations (2013). [arXiv]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk and Gunther Uhlmann; Inverse boundary problems for polyharmonic operators with unbounded potentials. (2013). [arXiv]
  • Ville Kolehmainen, Matti Lassas, Petri Ola and Samuli Siltanen; Recovering boundary shape and conductivity in electrical impedance tomography. Inverse Problems and Imaging 7, 217-242 (2013). [journal]
  • A. Molabahrami, A. Shidfar and L. Päivärinta, Collocation-homotopy method to initial-boundary value problems Journal of Interpolation and Approximation in Scientific Computing 1-11 (2013). [journal]
  • Kari Astala, Matti Lassas, and Lassi Päivärinta. The Calderón's Inverse problem - Imaging and Invisibility Inside Out II: Inverse Problems and Applications, MSRI publications 60, (2013).
  • Kari Astala, Matti Lassas and Lassi Päivärinta, The borderlines of the invisibility and visibility for Calderon's inverse problem, submitted [arXiv]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk and Matti Lassas; An inverse problem for a hyperbolic system on a vector bundle and energy measurements. Mathematische Annalen 354, 1431-1464 (2012). [journal | arXiv]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk, Matti Lassas and Gunther Uhlmann; Inverse problems with partial data for a magnetic Schrödinger operator in an infinite slab and on a bounded domain. Communications in Mathematical Physics 312, 87-126 (2012). [journal | arXiv]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk, Matti Lassas and Gunther Uhlmann; Determining a first order perturbation of the biharmonic operator by partial boundary measurements. Journal of Functional Analysis 262, 1781-1801 (2012). [journal | arXiv]
  • Katsiaryna Krupchyk and Lassi Päivärinta, A Borg-Levinson theorem for higher order elliptic operators, Int. Math. Res. Notices 6 , 1321-1351 (2012). [journal | arXiv]


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