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Inverse problems seminar

(Inversio-ongelmien seminaari)

This is a comprehensive list of talks given in the seminar until 2013. The following three semesters had an independent theme: 

IP seminar 2007 fall (theme: the time-dependent approach to inverse scattering)
IP seminar 2007 spring (theme: boundary rigidity)
IP seminar 2006 fall (theme: boundary rigidity)

Monday 15.9.2014 Matteo Santacesaria (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120: 
Uniqueness, reconstruction and stability for some inverse problems in two dimensions

Monday 12.5.2014 Hanming Zhou (University of Washington), Exactum B120:  
The inverse problem of the local ray transform

Monday 5.5.2014 Binghuan Lin (Techila Technologies Ltd, TUT & HPCFinance), Exactum B120:
Sequential Monte Carlo (Particle Filter) and its Application in Finance 

Monday 7.4.2014  Bernadette Hahn  (Saarland University, Germany), Exactum B120:
Dynamic inverse problems: Theory and applications

Monday 24.3.2014 Kazumi Tanuma (Gunma University, Japan), Exactum B120:
Perturbation and Dispersion of Rayleigh Waves in Prestressed Anisotropic Elastic Media

Monday 17.3.2014 Tuomo Kauranne (Arbonaut OY), Exactum B120:
Forest measurement combining field campaigns with airborne and space-borne sensors

Monday 3.2.2014 Carlos Castro (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), Exactum B120:
Exact controllability of the wave equation with controls supported on time dependent sets

Monday 18.11.2013 Matti Lassas (University of Helsinki, Finland), Exactum B120:
Inverse problems for the non-linear wave equations and the Einstein equations

Monday 11.11.2013 Ville Turunen (Aalto University, Finland), Exactum B120:
Sharp time-frequency localization by Fourier analysis of Born-Jordan quantization

Monday 4.11.2013 Masaki Otomori (Aisin AW Company, Japan), Exactum B120:
Topology optimization and applications to metamaterial design problems

Monday 16.9.2013 Stefano Pedemonte (University College London), Exactum B120: 
Time zero tomography

Monday 2.9.2013 Zenith Purisha (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120: 
Bayesian inversion with parametric curves for tomography 

Monday 10.6.2013 Samuli Siltanen (University of Helsinki), Janne Tamminen (University of Helsinki) 
and Olivier Poisson (LATP, Aix-Marseille Université): Heat Probing 
and  Francois Monard   (University of Washington):  Inverse anisotropic conductivity from power densities in two dimensions,  Exactum B120

Monday 17.6.2013  Tuomas Nikkonen  (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Event monitoring with a commercial wellbeing watch

Monday 27.5.2013  Hanne Kekkonen  (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Resolving the white noise paradox

Monday 13.5.2013 Xiaoqun Zhang (Jiao Tong University, Shanghai), Exactum B120:
Wavelet frame based multi-phase image segmentation

Monday 28.1.2013 Henrik Kettunen (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Material modeling from the electromagnetics point of view

Monday 21.1.2013 Naiara Arrizabalaga (University of the Basque Country), Exactum B120:
Self-adjoint extensions of Dirac operators with Coulomb type singularity

Monday 10.12.2012 Daniel Gerth (RICAM, Linz, Austria), Exactum B120:
Convergence analysis for sparsity-promoting Bayesian inversion

Monday 19.11.2012 Francis Chung (University of Jyväskylä), Exactum B120:
A Partial Data Result for the Neumann-Dirichlet Map

Monday 12.11.2012 Roberta Bosi (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
The Wigner transform and applications to direct and inverse problems.

Monday 5.11.2012 Mykhaylo Yudytskiy (RICAM, Linz, Austria), Exactum B120:
Fast wavelet-based methods in atmospheric tomography

Monday 22.10.2012 Shitao Liu (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
A Lipschitz stable reconstruction formula for the wave speed from boundary measurements

Monday 1.10.2012 Yashar Memarian (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120

Monday 10.9.2012 Yang Yang (University of Washington), Exactum B120:
Quantitative Photo-acoustic Tomography with Partial Data

Monday 3.9.2012 Samuli Siltanen (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
The Novikov-Veselov equation and exceptional points in dimension two

Monday 27.8.2012 Lauri Oksanen (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Inverse problem for the Riemannian wave equation with Dirichlet data and Neumann data on disjoint sets

Monday 20.8.2012 Sarah Hamilton (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
A Direct D-bar Method for the Reconstruction of Complex Admittivities from EIT Data

Monday 4.6.2012 Juan Reyes (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Nonlinear Fourier Analysis for discontinuous conductivities: Numerical results

Monday 14.5.2012 Hanna Pikkarainen (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Inverse problems in spaces of measures

Monday 7.5.2012 Nordic Tomography Workshop

Monday 30.4.2012 Tapio Helin (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Atmospheric tomography and the next generation telescopes

Monday 2.4.2012 Andoni Garcia (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Stability of the Calderón problem for less regular conductivities

Monday 26.3.2012 Pedro Caro (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
On the Haberman and Tataru uniqueness result for the Calderón problem

Monday 19.3.2012 Samuli Siltanen (University of Helsinki), Exactum B120:
Electrical impedance imaging using nonlinear Fourier transform (EITregul_IS.pdf)

Monday 6.2.2012 Mark Hubenthal (University of Washington): 
An Inverse Source Problem in Radiative Transfer with Partial Data

Monday 29.08.2011 (Exactum B120)
Ronny Ramlau (Johannes Kepler University / RICAM, Austria): Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics

Monday 22.08.2011 (Exactum B120)
Robin Strehlow (University of Bremen, Germany): The Tikhonov Functional and the Normsensitivity of its Minimizer

Monday 18.04.2011 (Exactum B120)
Ismael Rodrigo Bleyer (Johannes Kepler University): Regularization of linear integral equations with noisy data and noisy operator

Monday 11.04.2011 (Exactum B120)
Matias Dahl (Aalto): On the pointwise determination of electromagnetic medium from Fresnel surface

Monday 28.03.2011 (Exactum B120)
Lauri Oksanen (HY): Inverse problem for the wave equation: a new way to construct boundary sources

Monday 14.03.2011 (Exactum B120)
Eemeli Blåsten (HY): Stability for the inverse problem of the 2D Schrödinger equation

Monday 28.02.2011 (Exactum B120)
Jeremi Darde (Aalto): A new framework to solve the inverse obstacle problem: the "exterior approach"

Monday 07.02.2011 (Exactum B120)
Sergey Korotov (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics): Bisection Algorithms for Finite Element Mesh Generation and Adaptivity

Tuesday 14.12.2010 (Aalto U356)
Bruno Franchi (Universitá di Bologna): Maxwell's equations in Carnot groups (joint with Aalto Geometry seminar)

Monday 14.06.2010 (Exactum B322)
Hanna Katriina Pikkarainen (RICAM):  Regularization of ill-posed problems: what and why?

Monday 15.03.2010 (Exactum B120)
Allan Perämäki (Aalto): Numerical solution of the R-linear Beltrami equation

Monday 07.12.2009 (TKK U322)
Lauri Harhanen (TKK): Convex source support in half-plane

Monday 30.11.2009 (Exactum B120)
Ari Sihvola (TKK): Metamaterials and electromagnetics

Monday 09.11.2009 (TKK U322)
Masaru Ikehata (Gunma University): Recent applications of the enclosure method to inverse problems with dynamical data over a finite time interval

Monday 02.11.2009 (Exactum B120)
Roland Griesmaier (University of Delaware): Reconstruction of thin tubular inclusions in three-dimensional domains using electrical impedance tomography

Monday 19.10.2009
Sampsa Pursiainen (TKK): Conditionally Gaussian hypermodels for cerebral source localization

Monday 12.10.2009
Ting Zhou (University of Washington): Identifying electromagnetic obstacles

Monday 05.10.2009
Lauri Oksanen (HY): Hyperbolic inverse problem and time-continuation of partial Dirichlet-to-Neumann map

Monday 28.09.2009
Nuutti Hyvönen (TKK): Convex backscattering support in electric impedance tomography

Monday 21.09.2009
Mikko Salo (HY): The 2D Calderón problem with partial data, following Imanuvilov et al.

Monday 27.04.2009 (TKK Y313)
Simopekka Vänskä (THL): Natural history of cervical HPV infection

Monday 20.04.2009 (TKK Y313)
Antti Honkela (TKK): Gaussian process modelling of latent chemical species: applications to inferring gene regulatory relationships

Monday 09.03.2009
Nuutti Hyvönen (TKK): Approximating idealized measurement maps of electric impedance tomography by electrode measurements - convergence in operator norm

Monday 16.03.2009 Note: BRAIN seminar of the Low Temperature Laboratory,
Lassi Päivärinta (HY): Inverse problems

Monday 23.02.2009
Lauri Kettunen (TUT): Electromagnetism and modern mathematics - the rationale to reformulate a classical theory

Monday 02.02.2009
Nuutti Hyvönen (TKK): An inverse backscattering problem in electric impedance tomography

Monday 01.12.2008 Susumu Nakata (Ritsumeikan University): Numerical simulation of electrical inclusion probing

Monday 10.11.2008 Pekka Tietäväinen (TKK): A factorization method for the Robin problem

Monday 03.11.2008 Susanne Schmitt (Universität Karlsruhe): Factorization method for Electrical Impedance Tomography

Monday 20.10.2008 Maia Lesosky (University of Guelph): Statistical deconvolution on the Euclidean motion group

Monday 13.10.2008 Pedro Caro (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): A partial data inverse problem for Maxwell equations

Monday 06.10.2008 No seminar (Bayes Days 2008)

Monday 29.09.2008 Simopekka Vänskä (HY): Stationary waves method

Monday 22.09.2008 Mikko Salo (HY): Bukhgeim's theorem: a Carleman estimate approach

Monday 05.05.2008 (TKK U356) Jenni Heino (TKK): Computational modelling of cellular level metabolism

Monday 28.04.2008 Katya Krupchyk (TKK): Elliptic quasicomplexes

Monday 21.04.2008 James Vargo (University of Washington): The lens rigidity problem for Riemannian and Finsler metrics

Monday 14.04.2008 Hanna Pikkarainen (TKK): Convergence results for the Bayesian inversion theory

Monday 07.04.2008 Hanna Pikkarainen (TKK): Convergence results for the Bayesian inversion theory: the finite dimensional setting

Monday 17.03.2008 Lauri Ylinen (HY): A scattering problem for the Dirac operator in a Clifford algebra

Monday 25.02.2008 Petteri Piiroinen (HY): Reflected Anderson walks in a small time interval II

Monday 18.02.2008 Simopekka Vänskä (HY): Estimating the Besov space of a function

Monday 11.02.2008 Sven Bossuyt (Vrije Universiteit Brussel/TKK): Applications of inverse methods in mechanics of materials

Monday 04.02.2008 Petteri Piiroinen (HY): Reflected Anderson walks in a small time interval 

Monday 28.01.2008 Juha-Matti Perkkiö (TKK): Euler-Lagrangian PDE and Finsler metrizability

Monday 21.01.2008 Mikko Salo (HY): Inverse problems for Dirac operators

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