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The Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research has made significant contributions to the field of inverse problems, with over 300 published scientific publications in the period 2006-2011.

Some recent publications of the members of the CoE

Mikko Kaasalainen

M. Kaasalainen.
Multimodal inverse problems: maximum compatibility estimate and shape reconstruction.
Inverse Problems and Imaging, 5, 37, 2011.

M. Kaasalainen.
Dynamical tomography of gravitationally bound systems.
Inverse Problems and Imaging, 2, 527, 2008.

M. Kaasalainen, J. Durech, B. Warner, Yu. Krugly and N. Gaftonyuk.
Acceleration of the rotation of asteroid 1862 Apollo by radiation torques.
Nature, 446, 420, 2007.

M. Kaasalainen and L. Lamberg.
Inverse problems of generalized projection operators.
Inverse Problems, 22, 749, 2006.

Markku Lehtinen

L. Roininen, M. S. Lehtinen, S. Lasanen, M. Orispää, and M. Markkanen.
Correlation priors.
Inverse Problems and Imaging, Submitted April 2009, 2010.

M. S. Lehtinen, B. Damtie, P. Piiroinen, and M. Orispää.
Perfect and almost perfect pulse compression codes for range spread radar targets.
Inverse Problems and Imaging, 3:465-486, 2009.

M. S. Lehtinen.
On optimization of incoherent scatter measurements.
Advances in Space Research, 9(5):133-141, 1989.

M. S. Lehtinen, L. Päivärinta, and E. Somersalo.
Linear inverse problems for generalised random variables.
Inverse Problems, 5(4):599-612, 1989.

M. S. Lehtinen and Ingemar Häggström.
A new modulation principle for incoherent scatter measurements.
Radio Science, 22(4):625-634, 1987.

Heikki Haario

H. Auvinen, J. Bardsley, H. Haario and T. Kauranne.
The Variational Kalman filter and an efficient implementation using limited memory BFGS.
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 64, 3, pp. 314-335, 2010.

H. Haario, M. Laine, A. Mira and E. Saksman.
DRAM: Efficient adaptive MCMC.
Stat. Comput. 16, pp. 339--354, ISSN 0960-3174, 2006.

H. Haario, E. Saksman and J. Tamminen.
Componentwise adaptation for high dimensional MCMC.
Computational statistics 20,2, pp. 265-274, 2005.

H. Haario, M. Laine, M. Lehtinen, E. Saksman and J. Tamminen.
Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for high dimensional inversion in remote sensing.
J.R. Statist. Soc. B, 66, part 3 pp. 591-607, 648-649, 2004.

H. Haario, E. Saksman and J. Tamminen.
An adaptive Metropolis algorithm.
Bernoulli 7(2) 223-242, 2001.

Jari Kaipio

A. Lipponen, A. Seppanen and J. Kaipio.
Reduced order estimation of nonstationary flows with electrical impedance tomography.
Inverse Problems 26:074010, 2010.

A. Lehikoinen, J. Huttunen, S. Finsterle, M. Kowalsky and J. Kaipio.
Dynamic inversion for hydrological process monitoring with electrical resistance tomography under model uncertainties.
Water Resour Res 46: W04513, 2010.

J. Huttunen and J. Kaipio.
Approximation errors in nonstationary Inverse Problems.
Inverse Problems and Imaging 1:77-93, 2007.

S. Arridge, J. Kaipio, V. Kolehmainen, M. Schweiger, E. Somersalo, T. Tarvainen and M. Vauhkonen.
Approximation errors and model reduction with an application in optical diffusion tomography.
Inverse Problems. 22:175-195, 2006.

J. Kaipio and E. Somersalo.
Statistical and Computational Inverse Problems.
Applied Mathematical Sciences 160, Springer-Verlag, ISBN: 0-387-22073-9, 2005.

J. Kaipio, V. Kolehmainen, E. Somersalo and M. Vauhkonen.
Statistical inversion and Monte Carlo methods in electrical impedance tomography.
Inverse Problems. 16: 1487-1522, 2000.

Matti Lassas

Y. Kurylev, M. Lassas and G. Uhlmann.
Rigidity of broken geodesic flow and inverse problems.
American Journal of Mathematics 132, 529-562, 2010.

A. Greenleaf, Y. Kurylev, M. Lassas and G. Uhlmann.
Full-wave invisibility of active devices at all frequencies.
Communications in Mathematical Physics 275, 749-789, 2007.

M. Anderson, A. Katsuda, Y. Kurylev, M. Lassas and M. Taylor.
Boundary regularity for the Ricci equation, Geometric Convergence, and Gel'fand's Inverse Boundary Problem.
Inventiones Mathematicae 158, 261-321, 2004.

A. Greenleaf, M. Lassas and G. Uhlmann.
On nonuniqueness for Calderon's inverse problem.
Mathematical Research Letters 10, no. 5-6, 685-693, 2003.

M. Lassas and G. Uhlmann.
Determining Riemannian manifold from boundary measurements.
Annales Scientifiques de l'Ecole Normale Superieure.  (4) 34, no. 5, 771-787, 2001.

Mikko Salo

M. Salo and G. Uhlmann.
The attenuated ray transform on simple surfaces.
Journal of Differential Geometry 88 (2011), no. 1, 161-187.

C. Guillarmou, M. Salo and L. Tzou.
Inverse scattering at fixed energy on surfaces with Euclidean ends.
Communications in Mathematical Physics 303 (2011), no. 3, 761-784.

C. Kenig, M. Salo and G. Uhlmann.
Inverse problems for the anisotropic Maxwell equations.
Duke Mathematical Journal 157 (2011), no. 2, 369-419.

M. Salo and L. Tzou.
Inverse problems with partial data for a Dirac system: a Carleman estimate approach.
Advances in Mathematics 225 (2010), no. 1, p. 487-513.

D. Dos Santos Ferreira, C. Kenig, M. Salo and G. Uhlmann.
Limiting Carleman weights and anisotropic inverse problems.
Inventiones Mathematicae 178 (2009), no. 1, p. 119-171.

Valeriy Serov

P. Ola, L. Päivärinta and V. Serov.
Recovering singularities from backscattering in two dimensions.
Comm. PDE, Vol. 26(3-4), pp. 697-715, 2001.

L. Päivärinta and V. Serov.
An n-dimensional Borg-Levinson theorem for singular potentials.
Adv. Appl. Math., Vol. 29(4), pp. 509-520, 2002.

L. Päivärinta and V. Serov.
New estimates of Green-Faddeev function and recovering of singularities in two-dimensional Schrödinger operator with fixed energy.
Inverse Problems, Vol. 21(4), pp. 1291-1301, 2005.

L. Päivärinta and V. Serov.
Recovery of jumps and singularities in the multidimensional Schrödinger operator from limited data.
Inverse Problems and Imaging, Vol. 1(3), pp. 525-535, 2007.

V. Serov.
Inverse Born approximation for the nonlinear two-dimensional Schrödinger operator.
Inverse Problems, Vol. 23(3), pp. 1259-1270, 2007.

M. Harju and V. Serov.
A uniqueness theorem and reconstruction of singularities for a two-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation.
Nonlinearity, Vol. 21, pp. 1323-1337, 2008.

Samuli Siltanen

Gaitan P, Isozaki H, Poisson O, Siltanen S and Tamminen J P 2015,
Inverse Problems for Time-Dependent Singular Heat Conductivities: Multi-Dimensional Case. 
Communications in Partial Differential Equations 40(5), pp. 837-877.

Auvinen H, Raitio T, Siltanen S, Story B and Alku P 2014, 
Automatic Glottal Inverse Filtering with Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method. 
Computer Speech and Language 28(5), pp. 1139-1155. 

Hamilton S, Hauptmann A and Siltanen S 2014,
A Data-Driven Edge-Preserving D-bar Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography. 
Inverse Problems and Imaging 8(4), pp. 1053-1072.

 K. Knudsen, M. Lassas, J.L. Mueller and S. Siltanen.
Regularized D-bar method for the inverse conductivity problem.
Inverse Problems and Imaging 3(4), pp. 599-624, 2009.

M. Lassas, E. Saksman and S. Siltanen.
Discretization invariant Bayesian inversion and Besov space priors.
Inverse Problems and Imaging 3(1), pp. 87-122, 2009.

V. Kolehmainen, M. Lassas and S. Siltanen.
Limited data X-ray tomography using nonlinear evolution equations.
SIAM Journal of Scientific Computation 30(3), pp. 1413-1429, 2008.


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