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Call for papers


Inverse Problems and ImagingSpecial Issue on Inverse Problems and Complex Geometrical Optics Solutions

Complex Geometrical Optics (CGO) solutions have, for more than two decades, played a large role in the rigorous analysis of nonlinear inverse problems, such as the Calderón problem. These solutions have led to new practical reconstruction algorithms. CGO solutions are now seen as valuable tools for providing a crucial connection between theoretical results and practical computational implementations.

The focus of the Special Issue is on new approaches to inverse problems based on CGO solutions. Both theoretical and computational papers are welcome. We would encourage theoretical papers to have a constructive approach, so that numerical teams would be able to pick up the approach as a basis of a new algorithm.

Examples of previous work in this direction, in view of the Calderón problem, include Sylvester-Uhlmann 1987, Nachman 1988 and 1996, Brown-Uhlmann 1997, Francini 2000, Astala-Päivärinta 2005 and all of their subsequent numerical implementations. The enclosure method and generalized probing also belong to the relevant category, and quite recently in the emerging field of hybrid inverse problems, CGO solutions have been useful in obtaining fundamental results.

We hope that this issue will provide experts with an update on the status of the field, as well as young researchers a self-contained resource to be used as a platform for new developments.

We warmly invite you to submit your manuscript by email to no later than November 30, 2013. The manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by two anonymous experts according to the usual high standards of Inverse Problems and Imaging. 

If you have any questions about the Special Issue, please feel free to contact any of us, serving as Guest Editors:

Sarah Hamilton
University of Helsinki, Finland

Kim Knudsen
Technical University of Denmark

Samuli Siltanen
University of Helsinki, Finland

Gunther Uhlmann
University of Washington, USA

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