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HYDE is a scouting club for Helsinki students, working with HYY (The Student Union of the University of Helsinki). Our aim is to maintain interest in scouting and outdoor activities throughout the years of study. HYDE is run by a board which plans most of the events. Practically all events are held together with our sibling organisation Teepakki, the scouting club of Aalto University. HYDE-activities, which run throughout the year, include:

  • Social meetings on a variety of themes: scarf printing, movies, cooking and eating, sauna and others.
  • Day-long and longer camping and hiking trips to national parks, especially to Nuuksio.
  • Sports: hiking, cycling, orienteering, downhill- and cross-country skiing, ice-skating, swimming, frisbee, floor-ball and more.
  • Participation in different scouting contests.
  • Cultural activities: theatre, opera, concerts, movies
  • Participation in Hyy's activities: opening carneval, traditions i.e. Independence Day in December 6th and Vappu on May 1st.
  • Longer trips during holidays varying from year to year.

Any questions are gladly answered by the board (board = "a long, thin, flat piece of wood" — Oxford English Dictionary):

E-mail List

Hyde and Teepakki have common email list. You can join it in the address

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