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Grant Opportunities

L'Oréal Fellowships for "outstanding women scientists"


  1. One Fellowship every second year is awarded to a Finnish woman scientist in recognition of important scientific research in the field of Biosciences.
  2. The Fellowship is attributed to a woman scientist having a doctorate.
  3. The Fellowship is attributed to a woman scientist aged 40 years or younger.
  4. The Fellowship cannot be attributed to the same person twice.
  5. The selected recipient is awarded her Fellowship in an official award ceremony be female postdoc researchers, who have already been awarded a PhD D.Phil.

Further details are available online from:

Contests and prizes from the EU commission

The European Union supports a number of science-related prizes. In addition to rewarding scientific excellence, these awards also seek to raise the profile and prestige of science and promote its popularity among citizens.

More information can be retrieved from dedicated web-page of the EU directorate for science in society.

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