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Harmonic Analysis Seminar

A seminar of the Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory Research Group. Previously, this was a joint seminar with the Nonlinear PDE group at the Aalto University, and was organized by Tuomas Hytönen and Riikka Korte. During the academic years 2018-2020 Henri Martikainen organizes the seminar. In 2019-2020 we meet irregularly on Fridays at Exactum C124, 12:15 - 14:00 (or 12:15-13:00).

Everyone is welcome!


Spring 2020

  • 10.1: Kangwei Li (Tianjin University): Flow with $A_\infty(\mathbb R)$ density and transport equation in BMO
  • 17.1: Emiel Lorist (Delft University of Technology): Singular stochastic integral operators: The vector-valued and the mixed-norm approach 
  • 31.1 (50 min talk; 13:10-14:00): Katrin Fässler (Jyväskylä): Singular integrals on regular curves in the Heisenberg group
  • 6.3 (60min talk; 13:00-14:00): Marti Prats (Aalto): The two-phase problem for harmonic measure in VMO
  • 27.3: Michele Villa (Helsinki): TBA
  • 3.4: Stefanos Lappas (Helsinki): Dyadic representation theorem using smooth wavelets with compact support

The seminar is cancelled until further notice.

Fall 2019

  • 25.10: Tuomas Oikari (Helsinki): Iterated commutators under a joint condition on the tuple of multiplying functions
  • 1.11: Emil Airta (Helsinki): Two-weight commutator estimates

Spring 2019

  • 1.2: Tuomas Hytönen (Helsinki): Commutators and Jacobians
  • 15.2: Giovanna Citti (University of Bologna): Schauder estimates at the boundary in Carnot groups; Joint seminar with the Geometric and Functional Analysis seminar.
  • 1.3: Tuomas Orponen (Helsinki): Basics of uniform rectifiability in the Heisenberg group
  • 22.3: Marta de León-Contreras (Madrid): The semigroup method as a general technique in analysis and PDEs
  • 17.5: Luis Alias (Universidad de Murcia): Trapped submanifolds in de Sitter spacetime; Joint seminar with the Geometric and Functional Analysis seminar.
  • 24.5: Enrico Le Donne (University of Jyväskylä and University of Pisa): Mathematical appearances of sub-Riemannian geometries; Joint seminar with the Geometric and Functional Analysis seminar.

Fall 2018

  • 5.10:   Ivan Yaroslavtsev (Delft/Jyväskylä): The Hilbert transform and orthogonal martingales in Banach spaces
  • 19.10: Olli Tapiola (Jyväskylä): Carleson measures, rectifiability and extensions of functions
  • 2.11:   Tuomo Kuusi (Helsinki): Vectorial Nonlinear Potential Theory
  • 9.11:   David Bate (Helsinki): TBA  CANCELLED
  • 23.11: Timo Hänninen (Helsinki): Multilinear factorization
  • 14.12 at 12:15-14:00: Kangwei Li (BCAM): Multilinear extrapolation (Notice exceptional time: 12-14!).

Past schedule

Spring 2018

  • 26.1. @ Otaniemi M3:
    • 14-15: Paolo Marcellini (Università di Firenze): Elliptic and parabolic equations under general and p,q growth conditions
    • 15-16: Stefan Sturm (Universität Salzburg): Regularity of weak solutions and supersolutions to the porous medium equation

Autumn 2017

(The regular three-weekly seminar in bold; additional activities in italic.)

  • 29.9. @ Kumpula C124:
    • 14-15: Thomas Singer (Aalto): Existence of variational solutions in non-cylindrical domains
    • 15-16: Timo Hänninen (Helsinki): Two-weight Lp-Lq bounds for positive dyadic operators in the case 0<q<1≤p<∞
  • 11.10. (Wednesday) @ Otaniemi M3 (note exceptional time):
    • 12:05-13: Galia Dafni (Concordia University, Canada): Local BMO and Van Schaftingen spaces
  • 20.10. @ Otaniemi M3:
    • 14-15: Tuomas Hytönen (Helsinki): The matrix-weighted frontier of sharp norm inequalities
    • 15-16: Jia Huilian (Aalto / Xián Jiaotong University): Global regularity of elliptic p-Laplace equation on convex domain
  • 27.10. @ Kumpula C124:
    • 14-16: Tuomas Sahlsten (Manchester): Spectral transfer for radial integral operators and thermodynamics of Laplace eigenfunctions
  • 10.11. @ Kumpula C124:
    • 14-15: Matias Vestberg (Aalto): An excursion in shallow water (abstract)
    • 15-16: Emil Vuorinen (Helsinki): A representation theorem for bilinear singular integrals
  • 1.12. @ Otaniemi M3:
    • 14-15: Ella Tamir (Helsinki): Constructing the Green function for a non-coercive PDE
    • 15-16: Casimir Lindfors (Aalto): On the degenerate two-phase Stefan problem
  • 18.12. @ Kumpula C124: (Monday, special time!)
    • 10-12: Olli Tapiola (University of Missouri, Columbia): Uniform rectifiability, Carleson measures and ε-approximability of harmonic functions in Lp

Winter 2017

(The joint seminar was on hold for this period, and there was an internal reading group instead, meeting Wednesdays at 13-15 in DK117.)

  • 1.3.: Ella Tamir, LS implies BWGL, II
  • 22.2. (13:00-14:00): Ella Tamir, LS implies BWGL, I
  • 15.2.: Olli Tapiola, (C2) implies LS
  • 8.2.: Henri Martikainen, A characterization of chord-arc domains
  • 1.2.: Ella Tamir, WHSA implies UR / BAUP
  • 25.1.: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability etc., IV
  • 18.1.: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability etc., III
  • 11.1. (12:15-14:00) @ C123: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability etc., II
  • 10.1. (12:00-13:30) @ C123: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability, Carleson measures, harmonic functions and uniform rectifiability, I

Autumn 2016

  • 2.12. @ Otaniemi M3: Henri Martikainen (University of Helsinki), Adapted Cotlar type inequalities
  • 25.11. @ Kumpula C123: Pekka Lehtelä (Aalto University), Unbounded supersolutions of the porous medium equation
  • 18.11. @ Otaniemi, Janne Korvenpää (Aalto University), doctoral defence
  • 11.11. @ Kumpula C123: Casimir Lindfors (Aalto University), On the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for a general class of parabolic equations
  • 4.11. @ Otaniemi M3: Emil Vuorinen (University of Helsinki), Characterizations of two-weight inequalities in Lp
  • 14.10. @ Otaniemi M3: Wendolín Damián González (University of Helsinki), Weighted compactness of bilinear commutators
  • 7.10. @ Kumpula C123: Christopher Hopper (Aalto University), Regularity Aspects of Manifold-Constrained Minimisers in the Calculus of Variations
  • 30.9. @ Otaniemi M3: Kangwei Li (University of Helsinki), Sparse domination theorem and weighted norm inequalities
  • 16.9. @ Kumpula C123: José Madrid Padilla (Aalto University), Endpoint Sobolev and BV Continuity for Maximal Operators

Spring 2016

  • 9.5. (Monday) @ Kumpula D123 (exceptional room): Second afternoon in Banach spaces – 3 talks of 30 min each:
  • 29.4. @ Kumpula C123: Alexander Olevskii (Tel Aviv University), Fourier quasicrystals, IV (last lecture of a minicourse on 25.-29.4.)
  • 22.4. @ Otaniemi M3: Stephan Fackler (Universität Ulm), Non-autonomous maximal regularity.
  • 15.4. @ Kumpula  C123: Casimir Lindfors (Aalto University), Boundedness of solutions to parabolic equations with general growth.
  • 8.4. @ Otaniemi M3: Tuomas Hytönen (University of Helsinki), Weighted inequalities and commutators.
  • 1.4. @ Kumpula  C123: Pekka Lehtelä (Aalto University), A weak Harnack estimate for supersolutions to the porous medium equation.

Winter 2016

  • 4.3. @ Kumpula C123: Janne Korvenpää (Aalto University), Superharmonic functions for the fractional p-Laplace equation.
  • 26.2. @ Otaniemi M3: Henri Martikainen (University of Helsinki), Rectifiability: current topics.
  • 19.2. @ Kumpula  C123:  Tuomo Kuusi (Aalto University), The additive structure of elliptic homogenization. (arXiv:1602.00512)
  • 12.2. @ Otaniemi M3: Antti Vähäkangas (University of Jyväskylä),  Local Hardy inequalities and self-improvement of uniform fatness.
  • 5.2.  @ Kumpula C123:  Wendolín Damián González (University of Helsinki), Domination theorems for bilinear Calderón-Zygmund operators.
  • 29.1. @ Otaniemi M3: José Ramón Madrid Padilla (IMPA, Brazil), On derivative bounds for maximal functions. 
  • 22.1. @ Kumpula C123:  Olli Saari (Aalto University), On exceptional sets for the p-parabolic equation.
  • 15.1. @ Otaniemi M3: Emil Vuorinen (University of Helsinki), A new approach to local Tb theorems via the good lambda method.

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