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Harmonic Analysis Seminar

A seminar of the Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory Research Group. Previously, this was a joint seminar with the Nonlinear PDE group at the Aalto University, and was organized by Tuomas Hytönen and Riikka Korte. In fall 2018 Henri Martikainen organizes the seminar, and we aim to meet roughly biweekly on Fridays at Exactum C124, 14:15 - 16:00.

Everyone is welcome!


Fall 2018

  • 5.10:   Ivan Yaroslavtsev (Delft/Jyväskylä): The Hilbert transform and orthogonal martingales in Banach spaces
  • 19.10: Olli Tapiola (Jyväskylä): Carleson measures, rectifiability and extensions of functions
  • 2.11:   Tuomo Kuusi (Helsinki): Vectorial Nonlinear Potential Theory
  • 9.11:   David Bate (Helsinki): TBA  CANCELLED
  • 23.11: Timo Hänninen (Helsinki): Multilinear factorization
  • 14.12 at 12:15-14:00: Kangwei Li (BCAM): Multilinear extrapolation (Notice exceptional time: 12-14!).

Past schedule

Spring 2018

  • 26.1. @ Otaniemi M3:
    • 14-15: Paolo Marcellini (Università di Firenze): Elliptic and parabolic equations under general and p,q growth conditions
    • 15-16: Stefan Sturm (Universität Salzburg): Regularity of weak solutions and supersolutions to the porous medium equation

Autumn 2017

(The regular three-weekly seminar in bold; additional activities in italic.)

  • 29.9. @ Kumpula C124:
    • 14-15: Thomas Singer (Aalto): Existence of variational solutions in non-cylindrical domains
    • 15-16: Timo Hänninen (Helsinki): Two-weight Lp-Lq bounds for positive dyadic operators in the case 0<q<1≤p<∞
  • 11.10. (Wednesday) @ Otaniemi M3 (note exceptional time):
    • 12:05-13: Galia Dafni (Concordia University, Canada): Local BMO and Van Schaftingen spaces
  • 20.10. @ Otaniemi M3:
    • 14-15: Tuomas Hytönen (Helsinki): The matrix-weighted frontier of sharp norm inequalities
    • 15-16: Jia Huilian (Aalto / Xián Jiaotong University): Global regularity of elliptic p-Laplace equation on convex domain
  • 27.10. @ Kumpula C124:
    • 14-16: Tuomas Sahlsten (Manchester): Spectral transfer for radial integral operators and thermodynamics of Laplace eigenfunctions
  • 10.11. @ Kumpula C124:
    • 14-15: Matias Vestberg (Aalto): An excursion in shallow water (abstract)
    • 15-16: Emil Vuorinen (Helsinki): A representation theorem for bilinear singular integrals
  • 1.12. @ Otaniemi M3:
    • 14-15: Ella Tamir (Helsinki): Constructing the Green function for a non-coercive PDE
    • 15-16: Casimir Lindfors (Aalto): On the degenerate two-phase Stefan problem
  • 18.12. @ Kumpula C124: (Monday, special time!)
    • 10-12: Olli Tapiola (University of Missouri, Columbia): Uniform rectifiability, Carleson measures and ε-approximability of harmonic functions in Lp

Winter 2017

(The joint seminar was on hold for this period, and there was an internal reading group instead, meeting Wednesdays at 13-15 in DK117.)

  • 1.3.: Ella Tamir, LS implies BWGL, II
  • 22.2. (13:00-14:00): Ella Tamir, LS implies BWGL, I
  • 15.2.: Olli Tapiola, (C2) implies LS
  • 8.2.: Henri Martikainen, A characterization of chord-arc domains
  • 1.2.: Ella Tamir, WHSA implies UR / BAUP
  • 25.1.: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability etc., IV
  • 18.1.: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability etc., III
  • 11.1. (12:15-14:00) @ C123: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability etc., II
  • 10.1. (12:00-13:30) @ C123: Olli Tapiola, Epsilon-approximability, Carleson measures, harmonic functions and uniform rectifiability, I

Autumn 2016

  • 2.12. @ Otaniemi M3: Henri Martikainen (University of Helsinki), Adapted Cotlar type inequalities
  • 25.11. @ Kumpula C123: Pekka Lehtelä (Aalto University), Unbounded supersolutions of the porous medium equation
  • 18.11. @ Otaniemi, Janne Korvenpää (Aalto University), doctoral defence
  • 11.11. @ Kumpula C123: Casimir Lindfors (Aalto University), On the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for a general class of parabolic equations
  • 4.11. @ Otaniemi M3: Emil Vuorinen (University of Helsinki), Characterizations of two-weight inequalities in Lp
  • 14.10. @ Otaniemi M3: Wendolín Damián González (University of Helsinki), Weighted compactness of bilinear commutators
  • 7.10. @ Kumpula C123: Christopher Hopper (Aalto University), Regularity Aspects of Manifold-Constrained Minimisers in the Calculus of Variations
  • 30.9. @ Otaniemi M3: Kangwei Li (University of Helsinki), Sparse domination theorem and weighted norm inequalities
  • 16.9. @ Kumpula C123: José Madrid Padilla (Aalto University), Endpoint Sobolev and BV Continuity for Maximal Operators

Spring 2016

  • 9.5. (Monday) @ Kumpula D123 (exceptional room): Second afternoon in Banach spaces – 3 talks of 30 min each:
  • 29.4. @ Kumpula C123: Alexander Olevskii (Tel Aviv University), Fourier quasicrystals, IV (last lecture of a minicourse on 25.-29.4.)
  • 22.4. @ Otaniemi M3: Stephan Fackler (Universität Ulm), Non-autonomous maximal regularity.
  • 15.4. @ Kumpula  C123: Casimir Lindfors (Aalto University), Boundedness of solutions to parabolic equations with general growth.
  • 8.4. @ Otaniemi M3: Tuomas Hytönen (University of Helsinki), Weighted inequalities and commutators.
  • 1.4. @ Kumpula  C123: Pekka Lehtelä (Aalto University), A weak Harnack estimate for supersolutions to the porous medium equation.

Winter 2016

  • 4.3. @ Kumpula C123: Janne Korvenpää (Aalto University), Superharmonic functions for the fractional p-Laplace equation.
  • 26.2. @ Otaniemi M3: Henri Martikainen (University of Helsinki), Rectifiability: current topics.
  • 19.2. @ Kumpula  C123:  Tuomo Kuusi (Aalto University), The additive structure of elliptic homogenization. (arXiv:1602.00512)
  • 12.2. @ Otaniemi M3: Antti Vähäkangas (University of Jyväskylä),  Local Hardy inequalities and self-improvement of uniform fatness.
  • 5.2.  @ Kumpula C123:  Wendolín Damián González (University of Helsinki), Domination theorems for bilinear Calderón-Zygmund operators.
  • 29.1. @ Otaniemi M3: José Ramón Madrid Padilla (IMPA, Brazil), On derivative bounds for maximal functions. 
  • 22.1. @ Kumpula C123:  Olli Saari (Aalto University), On exceptional sets for the p-parabolic equation.
  • 15.1. @ Otaniemi M3: Emil Vuorinen (University of Helsinki), A new approach to local Tb theorems via the good lambda method.



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