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Past Harmonic Analysis Seminar (2012-2015)

As of January 2016, this seminar is merged into the Harmonic Analysis and PDE Seminar.

Summer-Autumn 2015

18.11. Mihalis Mourgoglou (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): Harmonic measure, Riesz transforms and rectifiability

28.10. Quantitative weighted estimates for rough homogeneous singular integrals (arXiv:1510.05789)

  • 12:15–13:00 – Olli Tapiola: Quantitative version of Lacey's sparse domination theorem
  • 13:15–14:00 – Tuomas Hytönen: Rough homogeneous singular integrals

7.10. Tuomas Hytönen: Quantitative affine approximation - new applications of sharp norm inequalities (arXiv:1510.00276)

30.9. Olli Tapiola: On reflectionless measures, Wolff's potentials and uniformly disconnected spaces

16.9. Wendolin Damian Gonzalez: Multilinear Calderón-Zygmund theory: sharp bounds and related problems

20.8. Carlos Pérez (University of the Basque Country): Multilinear Calderón-Zygmund theory (C124, Thursday, 12-14, joint with Functional Analysis Seminar )

12.8. Kangwei Li: On Ap-A type estimates for square functions ( arXiv:1505.00195 ) (C123 - special place)

Winter-Spring 2015

Wednesdays at 12-14, room D122 in period III (Jan-Feb) and B120 in period IV (March onwards).

27.5. Timo Hänninen: Weighted norm estimates via a simple scaling argument

21.4. Luz Roncal (U de La Rioja, Spain): Discrete Harmonic Analysis from the point of view of semigroups (Tuesday, 12-14, CK107 - special time and place)

15.4. Cristina Benea (Cornell U): Vector-valued extensions for bilinear operators

8.4. Olli Tapiola: Lp-boundedness of shift operators in metric spaces and other stories about adjacent dyadic systems

1.4. Henri Martikainen: Big pieces of Lipschitz graphs and projections

(18.3. Team strategy seminar)

12.3. Guillermo Rey (Michigan State U): Bellman functions for non-magicians (Thursday, 12-14, C124 - special time and place)

11.3. Guillermo Rey (Michigan State U): A pointwise estimate for positive dyadic shifts and some applications

25.2. Tuomas Hytönen: Lacey's new approach to the dyadic domination and the A2 theorem ( arXiv:1501.05818 )

18.2. Mikko Kemppainen: Functional calculus on Hardy spaces

4.2. Luz Roncal (U de La Rioja, Spain): The language of semigroups, orthonormal systems and vector-valued extensions

28.1. Paata Ivanisvili (Michigan State U): Lerner's inequality in arbitrary dimension (abstract)

21.1. Tuomas Hytönen: Stopping time techniques in the analysis of certain PDEs by S. Hofmann et al. ( arXiv:1202.2405 )

Autumn 2014

Wednesdays at 12-14 in room C123

18.12. Various speakers: One of my favourite proofs (Thursday, 12-14, C124 - exceptional day and place)

10.12. Sebastian Król (TU Dresden, Germany): Fourier multipliers on weighted Lp spaces (abstract)

3.12. Emil Vuorinen: Two weight Lp-inequalities for Haar multipliers (arXiv:1412.2127)

26.11. Tuomas Hytönen: A counterexample of Nazarov on two-weight Lp bounds (with short intro to Bellman functions)

19.11. Kangwei Li (Nankai U., Tianjin, China): A new Ap-A estimate for Calderón-Zygmund operators (arXiv:1412.0483)

12.11. Henri Martikainen: On uniformly rectifiable measures and square functions

5.11. Mikko Kemppainen: An oscillatory subordination formula for the wave equation (arXiv:1410.6051)

22.10. Olli Tapiola: Weak A weights and weak Reverse Hölder property ( arXiv:1410.3608 )

15.10. Kangwei Li (Nankai U., Tianjin, China): Two weight inequalities for certain classic operators

24.9. Tuomas Hytönen: Introduction to non-commutative Lp spaces (Schatten classes)

17.9. Timo Hänninen: Vector-valued dyadic shifts are bounded

10.9. Tuomas Hytönen: A pointwise dyadic domination theorem of A. Lerner and F. Nazarov (based on their recent booklet available here)

Winter-Spring 2014

Wednesdays at 12-14 in room C123

11.6. Tuomas Hytönen: When indicator testing fails - substitute conditions inspired by H. Tanaka ( arXiv:1302.4164 ) (C123, last seminar before summer break)

4.6. Henri Martikainen: Some obstacles in characterising the boundedness of bi-parameter singular integrals (B321 - exceptional place)

14.5. Tuomas Hytönen: Approximate and exact extensions of Lebesgue boundary functions (arXiv:1405.2153)

30.4. Emil Vuorinen: A possibly new proof of the Riesz-Thorin interpolation theorem

9.4. Afternoon in Banach spaces: (Three talks of 30 min each. Poster with abstracts)

  • 12:15–12:45 – Mark Veraar (TU Delft): Pointwise multiplication on vector-valued function spaces
  • 12:50–13:20 – Jan van Neerven (TU Delft): Second quantisation for skew convolution products of measures in Banach spaces
  • 13:30–14:00 – Lutz Weis (Karlsruhe Inst. Tech.): Spectral multiplier theorems for sectorial operators

2.4. Congwen Liu (U. Sci. Tech. China, Hefei): p-norms of the Bergman projection and the Cauchy transform

26.3. Haibo Lin (China Agricultural U.): Hardy spaces Hp over non-homogeneous metric measure spaces

19.3. Timo Hänninen: Two weight testing conditions for a positive dyadic operator

12.3. Tuomas Hytönen: Dyadic tent spaces and stopping constructions

26.2. Ana Grau de la Herran: Homogenization of T1 conditions for multiparameter operators

19.2. Antti Vähäkangas: Applications of the two-weight inequality for the Riesz potential

12.2. Tuomas Hytönen: The two-weight inequality for the Poisson integral

5.2. Olli Tapiola: Open problems and dead ends - attempts to construct Hölder-continuous wavelets with bounded support in metric spaces

29.1. Tuomas Hytönen: Fourier multipliers and maximal regularity - sharp constants

15.1. Michele Miranda Jr. (U. Ferrara): Recent results on sets with finite perimeter in Wiener space (joint with Functional Analysis Seminar )

Autumn 2013

Period II: Wednesdays at 12-14 in room C123

18.12. Oliver Dragicevic (U. Ljubljana): Bilinear estimates for Schrödinger operators

11.12. Theresa Anderson (Brown U.): Sharp weighted results of many flavors

4.12. Tuomas Hytönen: On the two-weight inequality for the Hilbert transform

27.11. Santeri Miihkinen: The Bergman projection and Békollé-Bonami weights

20.11. Antti Vähäkangas: A simple proof of a local T1 theorem for dyadic Calderón-Zygmund operators

13.11. Yumeng Ou (Brown U.): T1 and Tb theorems on product spaces

No seminar 28.10.-10.11.

Period I: Tuesdays at 12-14 in room C124

22.10. Mihalis Mourgoglou (Inst. Hautes Études Scientifiques): Rellich estimates and extrapolation of solvability of elliptic systems

15.10. Alejandro Castro (U. La Laguna): Maximal Lp-regularity for evolution equations and the UMD property

8.10. Ana Grau de la Herran: Multilinear local Tb theory for square functions

1.10. Henri Martikainen: Recent boundedness results for square functions

24.9. Olli Tapiola: Dyadic cubes in a metric space revisited

17.9. Haibo Lin (China Agricultural U.): Some remarks on metric measure spaces

11.9. Alejandro Castro (U. La Laguna): Square functions, gamma-radonifying operators and UMD spaces (C123, Wednesday, 13-14)

Winter-Spring 2013

Every other Friday at 12-14 in room B321.

17.5. Anna Kairema: Dyadic systems in doubling metric spaces and applications to positive integral operators (doctoral defence, CK112)

3.5. Tuomas Hytönen: Weighted (but not quite sharp) bounds for rough singular integrals

19.4. Timo Hänninen: Two weight testing condition for a positive dyadic operator

11.4. Andreas Rosén (Linköping): A local Tb theorem for vector-valued weighted paraproducts (special time and place: Thursday, 12-14, D123)

5.4. Ioannis Parissis: Tauberian conditions for the maximal function with respect to differentiation bases. See the abstract.

22.3. Katrin Fässler: Projection theorems, part II

8.3. Tuomas Orponen: Introduction to projection theorems

22.2. Ana Grau de la Herran: Characterization of Sobolev spaces

8.2. Mikko Kemppainen: Introduction to Gaussian harmonic analysis

Autumn 2012

Tuesdays at 12:30-14 in B322.

14.12. Tuomas Hytönen: The A2 theorem - one more time (special time and place: Friday, 13:00-14, C124)

4.12. Olli Tapiola: Random and non-random dyadic cubes in a metric space

27.11. Teresa Luque Martinez: The endpoint Fefferman-Stein inequality for the strong maximal function

20.11. Tuomas Hytönen: Parallel stopping cubes and positive dyadic operators

13.11. Anna Kairema: What is a cube?

6.11. Timo Hänninen: The A2 theorem and the local oscillation decomposition for Banach space valued functions

No seminar 22.10.-4.11.

16.10. Tuomas Hytönen: Journé's covering lemma for rectangles

9.10. Ana Grau de la Herran: Stopping time arguments for optimal corona decompositions of singular integrals operators

2.10. Teresa Luque Martinez: Weighted inequalities for the strong maximal function

Winter-Spring 2012

Tuesdays at 14-16 in C131.

24.4. Tuomas Hytönen: The extension of Carleson's theorem to vector-valued functions (with Michael Lacey) (Thursday 12-14, C124)

3.4. Tuomas Hytönen: An inequality of Pisier that I investigated with Assaf Naor

27.3. Mikko Kemppainen: Atomic decomposition of tent spaces, its relation to atomic decomposition of Hardy spaces

6.3. Timo Hänninen: New version of Lerner's formula

28.2. Tuomas Hytönen: Some ideas and an open question related to the construction of dyadic cubes in metric spaces

14.2. Tuomas Hytönen: Really simple proof of the A2 theorem (based on   arXiv:1202.1860 , arXiv:1202.2229 and arXiv:1202.2824 )

7.2. Teresa Luque Martinez: Dual Muckenhoupt-Wheeden problem

31.1. Anna Kairema: Weighted estimates in metric spaces

17.1. Ioannis Parissis

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