Harmonic Analysis and geometric measure theory Research Group

Harmonic Analysis provides the infrastructure linking all areas of analysis, from complex analysis to partial differential equations to probability and geometry.

-R. R. Coifman (Yale University), on the occasion of the Abel Prize 2017 award to Yves Meyer.

Harmonic Analysis is a branch of Mathematical Analysis that has grown around the investigation of classical Fourier series, but today encompasses various quite different topics involving the interplay of spatial and spectral information. Typical phenomena of interest are cancellations, orthogonality and oscillations. Often the essence of the problems is captured in estimates relating the size of an object and its transform. See the Technical survey by the Fields Medalist Terence Tao for a more detailed discussion of Harmonic Analysis in general, or our research page for the particular topics studied by our group.


Conference Geometric measure theory and its connections in Helsinki, 4-8 June 2018


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