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Group members


Tuomas Hytönen D330Professor

Senior investigators

Ritva Hurri-SyrjänenD328University Lecturer
Henri MartikainenA406Academy Research Fellow
Tuomas OrponenA406Academy Research Fellow

Postdoctoral researchers

David BateD320Academy Postdoc
Timo HänninenD322Ph.D. (2015), Academy Postdoc
Eino RossiA423Ph.D. (2015)

Doctoral students

Emil AirtaA413M.Sc. (2018)
Stefanos LappasD312M.Sc. (2018)
Tuomas OikariA413M.Sc. (2018)

Long-term visitors

External members

Olli Tapiola Ph.D. from our group (2016), now postdoc at University of Jyväskylä
Emil VuorinenPh.D. from our group (2017), now Visiting research fellow at Lund University

Former members

Wendolín Damián González Our former postdoc (2015-2016), now software developer at Atos Consulting, Spain.
Ana Grau de la Herran Our former postdoc (2012-2015), now junior software developer at Solibri
Anna Kairema Ph.D. from our group (2013), now math teacher at Helsingin matematiikkalukio
Mikko Kemppainen Ph.D. from our group (2012) and former postdoc (2012-2015), now data scientist at Qvik
Kangwei Li Our former visiting Ph.D. student (10-11/2014) and postdoc (2015-2016), now postdoc at Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain.
Ioannis Parissis Our former postdoc (2012), now IKERBASQUE research fellow at University of the Basque Country
Laura VenieriPh.D. from our group (2017), now Junior Quantitative Analyst at OP Financial Group

Former long-term visitors

Alejandro Castro Visiting Ph.D. student from University of La Laguna, Spain, 9-11/2013; now Assistant Professor, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan.
Haibo LinVisiting scholar from China Agricultural University, 8/2013 - 9/2014
Teresa Luque MartinezVisiting Ph.D. student from University of Sevilla, Spain, 2012
Luz Roncal Gómez   Visiting scholar from University of La Rioja, Spain, 2-4/2015; now BCAM Researcher at Basque Center for Applied Mathematics.
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