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Group members


Tuomas Hytönen D330Professor

Senior investigators

Ritva Hurri-SyrjänenD328University Lecturer
Henri MartikainenA406Academy Research Fellow
Tuomas OrponenA406Academy Research Fellow

Postdoctoral researchers

David BateD320Academy Postdoc
Timo HänninenD322Ph.D. (2015), Academy Postdoc
Laura VenieriD310Ph.D. (2017)
Emil VuorinenD435Ph.D. (2017)

Doctoral students

Long-term visitors

External members

Olli Tapiola -Ph.D. from our group (2016), now postdoc at University of Missouri, United States

Former members

Wendolín Damián González Our former postdoc (2015-2016), now software developer at Atos Consulting, Spain.
Ana Grau de la Herran Our former postdoc (2012-2015), now junior software developer at Solibri
Anna Kairema Ph.D. from our group (2013), now math teacher at Helsingin matematiikkalukio
Mikko Kemppainen Ph.D. from our group (2012) and former postdoc (2012-2015), now data scientist at Qvik
Kangwei Li Our former visiting Ph.D. student (10-11/2014) and postdoc (2015-2016), now postdoc at Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain.
Ioannis Parissis Our former postdoc (2012), now IKERBASQUE research fellow at University of the Basque Country

Former long-term visitors

Alejandro Castro Visiting Ph.D. student from University of La Laguna, Spain, 9-11/2013; now Assistant Professor, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan.
Haibo LinVisiting scholar from China Agricultural University, 8/2013 - 9/2014
Teresa Luque MartinezVisiting Ph.D. student from University of Sevilla, Spain, 2012
Luz Roncal Gómez   Visiting scholar from University of La Rioja, Spain, 2-4/2015; now BCAM Researcher at Basque Center for Applied Mathematics.

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