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In photo: from left to right: Meri Virman, Olle Räty, Victoria Sinclair, Mika Rantanen, Päivi Haapanala, Heikki Järvinen, Jouni Räisänen. 

Missing from photo: Marja Bister, Laura Riuttanen. 


The Dynamic Meteorology group studies a wide range of topics all of which are related to better understanding the Earth's weather and climate. Currently our research focuses on 3 key aims:

  • Understanding the formation of tropical deep convection and its roles in extended range predictability of mid-latitude weather and global climate change
  • Interactions of the atmospheric aerosols and microphysical processes with the large-scale flow in the present and future climates
  • Dynamics of mid-latitude weather systems and hydrological cycle in a changing climate

In our research we utilize observations, reanalysis data sets, and numerical models of the atmosphere and climate system. Please see “Research” for more about our on-going research.


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