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Placeholder! Content very out of date and needs to be updated

This page describes how samples can be recorded into Kotka. Currently (Aug 2015) sample management is rudimentary, but will be developed further later. Comments are welcome at kotka(ät)

Add new sample

First add to Kotka the specimen the sample is taken from.

Samples are added at Specimens > Add sample (Direct link:

You have to give:

Owner of the record: your team, usually

Sample ID: identifier for the sample. Must be in the form of, where  is the specimen the sample is from, 'S' denotes a sample and '1' is a running number.

Specimen ID: The HTTP URI of the specimen the sample is from, e.g. The specimen has to be recorded to Kotka before connecting samples to it. There can be several samples from one specimen.

You may also give:

Genbank id: identifier, plus additional comments separated by a colon. E.g. "AY123456: comments here". Write multiple id's to their own fields.

Bold id: same as Genbank id

Events: one event per tetxtbox

Sample Location: free form text

Viewing samples

A list of added samples is available at Specimens > All samples (Direct link:


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