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The instructions are being updated and the pages are under renovation. Thank you for your patience! (years 2019-2020)

The aim of the renewal is to have a manual that is easier and less time consuming to keep up to date and easier to use and find relevant instructions. The plan is to have all the documentation up to date only in English (with key words in Finnish), but still to keep already existing and still applicable pages in Finnish at least in the archive. For the time being, the English and Finnish version are combined to sketch the new order of pages. Then the page contents will be translated to English if missing. Page contents will also be updated and outdated pages archived. After this, the Finnish versions will be moved back to their own section or archive.

This is the user manual for Kotka Collection Management System ( Some of the documentation is available only in Finnish.

Käyttöohje suomeksi (in Finnish)

Description of data fields

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