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Kotka has got its own QR code reader application to help collection management. The app can read QR codes and Kotka barcodes. Specimen data can be viewed without signing in in Kotka viewer and viewer or edited in Kotka editor after signing in. Data can be viewed and edited specimen by specimen, but mass editing is not yet possible. The reader can be found at It can be used directly via a browser or “installed” by adding the app icon to the home screen. That way there is no need to memorize the address and the app is more easily accessible by clicking the icon.

The reader has been tested on Android devices and Chrome browser. Other devices and browsers can be used but we cannot guarantee that the app will function properly. The app can also be used on a computer desktop browser together with a web cam. Below are some detailed instructions on how to use the app on a phone and how to “install” it to the home screen:


  1. Open Chrome on your phone and go to You do not need to sign in, unless you want to edit data or view sensitive data.
  2. Click on the camera shutter icon in the bottom left. Give the browser and the website the permission to use camera, if prompted. You can change between the phone’s front and back camera by clicking the arrow icon next to text “Scan QR code”.
  3. After the camera is activated, scan a QR code: aim the camera at the code and wait for the camera to focus. If the code is detected, the identifier will become visible in the identifier field in the bottom left and the specimen data view page opens.
  4. In the bottom right you can change between viewer and edit pages by clicking the text “Kotka viewer” (default view).
  5. “Installation”: When you go to the address, Chrome may prompt you to add the app to the home screen (aloitusnäyttö). Click Install or choose from the top right menu “Install Kotka” (“lisää aloitusnäyttöön”) and click "Install" ("lisää"). Close your browser and the Kotka icon should be on your home screen. After this you get to use the app via the icon without the need to memorize the address.

All feedback on the app is welcome and can be sent to

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