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This documents the old logic. The new logic is documented in Finnish.

Owners, organisations and collections

Records in Kotka can contain, or be linked to another records containing data about

  • owner-organization (name, abbreviation, address)
  • organization (name, abbreviation, address)
  • collection (name, abbreviation, hierarchy)

This page describes how/where these fields are used.

Labels (botanic)

  • Collection name of the direct collection the specimen belongs to
  • Collection abbreviation of the direct collection the specimen belongs to
  • Organization: Record owner organization level 2 name. (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET, UNATTAINABLE FOR EXTERNAL USERS)

Transaction (Loan) sheets

  • Organization abbreviation of the record owner organization, if available (instead of user-selected abbreviation)
  • From-address: Record owner organization level 1-4 names and address
  • To-address: Correspondent organization level 1-4 name and address

Reasoning: Specimen collection abbreviations cannot be used, because single transaction may contain specimens from different collections.

Specimen view page

  • Owner: Record owner organization level 1-4 name.
  • Citation recommendation: level 1-2 name.



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