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Contact points, persons and liaisons for Kotka-issues

Technical support & questions, bug reports, development needs and ideas, etc:

New usernames and lost passwords, your local contact person should send an email to

  • Luomus: your team's Kotka-liaison
  • Kuopio natural history museum: Jukka Kettunen
  • University of Turku: Sanna Huttunen
  • University of Jyväskylä: Tanja Koskela
  • University of Helsinki Microbial collections HAMBI: Pekka Oivanen
  • University of Oulu: Annu Ruotsalainen
  • Kieppi, Kokkola museum of natural history: Mari Mäenpää
  • Nature house Arkki, Pori: Hilkka Viitala
  • Ostrobothnian museum, Vaasa: Tuomas Jokela
  • Regional museum of Lapland: Jukka Salmela
  • Forssa natural history museum: Oskari Härmä

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