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Visits to library has changed from physical to virtual

The number of downloads from the electronic collections of the libraries has been risen rapidly in the libraries of higher education, and the number of virtual visits in the public libraries, too, is clearly increasing. A decreasing trend in physical library visits can be seen in all library sectors. The change has been about 35% in the libraries of the institutions of higher education and about 20 % in the public libraries since the year 2002. The data was gathered from RLSD and FPLS. (Fig. 1-3.)

Figure 1. There is a decreasing trend of physical visits in Finnish libraries.

Figure 2. The strong growth of the use of the electronic journals is evident especially in the university libraries of Finland.

Figure 3. There is an increasing trend of web visits in the Finnish public libraries.

Loans are decreasing slowly

Loans in Finnish libraries has steadily declined in last years in all library sectors.(Fig. 4)

Figure 4. There is an decreasing trend of local loans in the Finnish libraries. These numbers include renewals (not automated renewals).

Customers are very satisfied with services

Customers were asked to estimate the libraries services as a whole. They perceived the services very important and the libraries were successful in producing them. It is notable that the answers in library sectors were almost identical (Fig. 5).

Figure 5. On average, the users are satisfied with the services of the libraries in Finland. The scale from 1 to 5 where in success: 1=very poorly, 2=poorly, 3=moderately, 4=well, 5=very well, and in importance: 1=not at all important, 2=not very important.


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