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The Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Analysis and Dynamics Research brings together leading Finnish mathematicians working in analysis and its applications. It consists of nine research teams working at three universities: University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä and University of Oulu. The research teams are named after their respective research focus areas and are listed below. 

The director of the CoE Antti Kupiainen is a leading mathematical physicist whose work has spanned a wide spectrum of fields including statistical mechanics and phase transitions, field theory, chaotic dynamics, fluid mechanics and turbulence. He has also applied ideas coming from physics to rigorous mathematics in the fields of probability, non-linear parabolic PDE's and dynamical systems.

The vice director of the CoE Pekka Koskela is a productive analyst who has published a number of seminal results in the theory of Sobolev spaces and mappings. He is also one of the initiators of the theory of analysis on metric spaces.

Research teams

NameTeam leader
Mathematical physics Academy professor Antti Kupiainen
Sobolev mappings Professor Pekka Koskela (University of Jyväskylä)
Mathematical biology Professor Mats Gyllenberg
Harmonic analysis Professor Tuomas Hytönen
Fractal geometry Professor Maarit Järvenpää (University of Oulu)
Geometric measure theory Academy research fellow Tuomas Orponen
Probabilistic methods in analysis Professor Eero Saksman
Elliptic PDEs Professor Xiao Zhong

Former team leaders

NameTeam leader
Quasiconformal methods Professor Kari Astala
Geometric measure theory Professor emeritus Pertti Mattila
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