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The Center of Excellence in Analysis and Dynamics presents


"Fourier quasicrystals" by Alexander Olevskii


Olevskii gives  4 lectures, 60 min each, providing an introduction to the mathematical theory of quasicrystalls, that are related to many fascinating phenomena, including the famous non-periodic Penrose tilings and the non-periodic crystal structures in nature that were discovered by Dan Shechtman (Nobel-price 2011).

For more information, contact:  eero.saksman@helsinki.fi

ABSTRACT:  "I'll  consider measures in R^n with discrete support and point spectrum. A classical example of such a measure is the  "Dirac comb" which appeared in  Poisson summation formula.  A family of examples, with uniformly discrete support and dense spectrum was discovered by Y.Meyer. A new peak of  interest to the subject was inspired by the experimental discovery of  physical  quasicrystals in the middle of 80-s. In particular it has been  conjectured that if the support and the spectrum of a measure  both are discrete sets then the measure has a periodic structure.

In these lectures I am going to  present  a necessary background and to  discuss recent results in the topic. Based on joint work with Nir Lev."


Mon-Tue: 14:15-15:15 D123

Thu: 13:00-14:00 D122

Fri: 14:15-15:15 C123

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