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Aerosols and Ions group is a sub-group of the Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki.

We measure different properties of aerosol particles and atmospheric ions in various environments from high Arctic to Amazon rainforest, and conduct laboratory measurements in our own laboratory, as well as in big facilities like CERN. We are also active in instrument development and calibration activities.


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Group leaders:  

Prof. Tuukka Petäjä (Physicum B413,

PhD Juha Kangasluoma (Physicum B414, +358503185096)

-Research topic: Particle synthesis, instrument development; Expertise: particle counters, particle generators

PhD Katrianne Lehtipalo (Physicum B415,

-Research topic: nano-particles and clusters, new particle formation and growth; Expertise: PSMs, CPC-applications, thermodynamics; Projects: Nano-CAVa, GANS, CLOUD, ACE


Ahonen, Lauri (lauri.r.ahonen(a)

Chen, Xuemeng (Physicum D219c,

PhD Duplissy, Jonathan  (Physicum B407, jonathan.duplissy(a)

Enroth, Joonas

Häkkinen, Ella

Korhonen, Frans

Lampilahti, Janne

Laurila, Tiia

Leino, Katri (Physicum B418,, phone: 0404175733)

Luoma, Krista

Mazon, Stephany (Physicum D219a,

Wagner, Robert

PhD Wimmer, Daniela (Physicum,, phone: 0503199478)

Senior members:    

PhD Aalto, Pasi

Prof. Kulmala, Markku


Former members:

PhD Kalivitis, Nikos

PhD Steiner, Gerhard

PhD Backman, John

PhD Vakkari Ville

PhD Franchin, Alessandro

PhD Manninen, Hanna

PhD Juan Hong

Mikkilä Jyri

PhD Väänänen Riikka

PhD Hakala Jani

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