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The group website has moved to This page is not anymore updated.

The coupling between the atmosphere and underlying surface is controlled by the turbulent transport of momentum, energy and mass. These control the atmospheric flow, exchange or flux of air pollutants and mixing conditions of the lower atmosphere. These surface fluxes are different in urban areas when compared to natural surroundings. The reason lies in the significant changes in surface cover with reduced vegetation, and anthropogenic sources of heat and pollutants. Our group, led by university researcher Leena Järvi, studies the coupling between the urban ecosystem and the atmosphere using observations and modelling (more details in Research section). The group is part of Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR).

Figure 1. Leena Järvi/Kristoffer Heikkinen

We collaborate with several national and international research groups. Main collaborators are

The observations are also part of the Helsinki UrBAN Urban Boundary-layer Atmosphere Network.



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