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Group leader

Leena Järvi (PhD) is the group leader and her expertise lies in urban meteorology utilizing observations and modelling at different scales. She is responsible PI for the two eddy covariance stations located in Helsinki and is one of the main developers of the Surface Urban Energy and Water balance Scheme (SUEWS).


Mikko Auvinen (DSc) is working with LES model PALM development above an urban surface. He is partly working also at the Finnish Meteorological Institute and his work is funded by Maj and Tor Nessling foundation.

Ganapati Sahoo (PhD) has expertise in theoretical turbulence and energy transport. Now he works with turbulence above complex terrains and is funded by Atmath project.

Doctoral students

Tom Kokkonen (MSc) is an hydrologist who is working with urban hydrological cycle in cities located in different climates. He has been developing appropriate downscaling methods for re-nanalysis data in urban areas. His work is funded by Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry.

Mona Kurppa (MSc) is working with PALM-SALSA model development where the aim is to include aerosol dynamics to PALM. Her work is funded by the ATM-DP (Doctoral Program in Atmospheric Sciences) of University of Helsinki.

Undergraduate students

Minttu Havu works with urban carbon dioxide modelling using SUEWS.

Sasu Karttunen works with the effect of urban vegetation on the surrounding flow fields .

Previous students

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