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The board of the USP Master’s Programme has decided the following (19.3.):

  • Students, teachers and other staff of the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning (USP) follow the instructions of their respective universities.
  • At the University Helsinki, USP also follows the guidelines of its administrative faculty (Faculty of Science) as much as it is possible in each USP faculty. Deputy leader of the program in UH is Terhi Ainiala and deputy planning officer in UH is Katariina Kosonen.
  • All teaching is moved online for the rest of this semester. Courses will be organized as specified in this document:
  • Teaching development days (Bootcamp) will be postponed from June to August
  • USP jory at UH will gather as agreed online/in person: 2.4., 5.5., 4.6. Master’s Theses are accepted in all three meetings. 
  • Master’s thesis seminar will continue via Moodle as planned before (responsible person: Pia Bäcklund). Students have been encouraged to contact their supervisors and/or thesis contact person in their faculty if they face new challenges.
  • Study guidance is organized remotely

Updated guidelines (latest update: 7.5):

  • Additional board meeting will be organized on June 25th. Last day to submit thesis documents to the education coordinator (Mia) is June 17th.
  • USP jory has named the following deputy board members: Laura Kolbe (Faculty of Arts), Pia Olsson (Faculty of Arts), Heikki Setälä (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences), Eeva Luhtakallio (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • The USP programme will follow the recovery plan for university operations (published 5.5.). Study counselling by the education coordinator (Mia) will continue to be online until 31.7.2020.


  • Director of the programme: Pia Bäcklund ( / +358503633518), vice-director: Terhi Ainiala (
  • Planning officer: Mia Jaatsi (, / +358504489275), vice-planning officer: Katariina Kosonen (
  • Teacher-coordinator: Michail Galanakis ( / +358504720765)


The situation is challenging, but let’s remember that we are in this together. We would like to encourage you to find alternative ways to stay in touch with each other. For example Zoom is a pretty good tool – why not gather for a virtual coffee break? You can use the student email list ( or teacher's list ( to announce about a possible online gathering. Below are some images of our USP gang from 2017 to 2019 that will hopefully put a smile on your face:

Please don't hesitate to contact us - we are here for you!

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