What is Tuuli?

DMPTuuli is a data management planning tool that was developed in Tuuli project.  The tool is based on open source software solution (DMPOnline: https://dmponline.dcc.ac.uk/ by DCC) and it is tailored to the needs of the Finnish research community.  The project was part of the Open Science and Research Inititative, a project by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Ministry funded the project in 2015-2017. Between 2019 -2021 Tuuli received funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. Since 2022 DMPTuuli tool is funded by DMP consortium: https://wiki.eduuni.fi/display/csckorkeakoulut/DMP-konsortio (only in Finnish).

Is Tuuli just a tool?

Yes and no. Besides the DMPTuuli tool the Tuuli organization maintains national data management guidance and template that helps with creating data management plans.  In other words, we produce national content to the tool.  We also train new administrators and organize webinars that anyone who is interested on the subject can join.

The benefits of the tool

DMPTuuli provides a centralized place for guidance and support for data management planning. In DMPTuuli there is guidance that suits different data types, fields of science and focus groups. The requirements of different national and international funding organizations can be found in the tool also.

DMPTuuli is used also for teaching the basics of data management for graduate and undergraduate students. 

Our motto

Data management planning creates a foundation for responsible and open science.  

Contact us

You can reach the Tuuli office by email: admin[at]dmptuuli.fi

All the members of the Tuuli network can be reached by the mailing list: tuuli-verkosto[at]helsinki.fi


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