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Name of serviceBack-up copying

Short description

Back-up copying of the data content of servers according to the agreed schedule as well as restoration of data when necessary. Servers owned by units may also be connected to the service.

Service providerIT Center

General description

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The IT Center makes regular back-up copies of the data content of servers under its administration. The client units may also include their own servers in the back-up copying service in order to ensure that data is saved also in cases of disturbance. Back-up copies are kept for a period agreed on separately. The default time is two months.

The service includes backing up the server according to the agreed schedule and the restoration of files and file systems when necessary. Two identical tape copies are made of the server file systems in two different buildings.

Who is the service intended for?

University units

How do you get access to the service?

By sending e-mail to atk-varmuuskopiointi@helsinki.fi.

Service level

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Back-up copies are kept for a period agreed on separately. As a general rule, they are kept for two months.

Back-up copies are normally created automatically once a day, usually during the night. Some back-ups are full back-ups in which the entire file systems are copied, while others are different types of partial back-ups for backing up any modified files.

The IT Center implements restorations from 8 a.m.–4 p.m. on weekdays. You may restore data yourself from the newest back-up copies at any time.


Basic service provided free of charge at 10 GB/person-year/unit. Disk space usage over this quota will be charged on the basis of the currently valid price list. The price list is available in the intranet at https://flamma.helsinki.fi/fi/tietotekniikka/palveluhinnasto.

The quota includes both the back-up copied storage space on the server and in the department’s own premises and the back-up copied disk space of the server under administration.

User support 

The IT Center is responsible for making back-up copies and, when necessary, fixing problems as well as providing instructions to users in case of restoration of data. The IT Center is also responsible for the operation of the back-up copying system and participation in restoration tests done by users.

The client ordering the service must appoint an administrator for the unit’s own servers who will participate in the resolution of problems. The client must also make sure that the data content of applications (such as databases) is in such a format that the integrity of a file system level back-up is guaranteed.

The client is also responsible for ensuring that the usability of data restored from back-ups on the application level has been ensured by means of adequate tests.

The client must also ensure testing in case of restorations and make sure that all information systems of the servers are included in the back-up copying service. The client must also specify which parts of the information system are included in the back-up copying service (at the level of accuracy of files).

Service options

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