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  • 2. Independent study
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Part of the study circle work is independent study. In between the meetings read carefully your given material and ponder answers and viewpoints to the questions that were set at the organizing meeting. Prepare an output of your material and bring it to the meeting, e.g. a summary on your own words or a concept map. In addition, write down possible vague concepts and contexts in the text.

Sharing good practices

Share with your group good experiences and study practices.

  • How do your study practices differ in various situations (e.g. book exam or lecture exam)?
  • How do you take notes?
  • How do you repeat what you’ve read?

Reading techniques

      With different methods you can always improve your reading techniques.

  1. In the beginning motivate yourself and set your goals and a schedule
  2. Take a look on the front and back covers, think what the content might include.
  3. Glance the index, headings of chapters and texts underneath images.
  4. Read thoughtfully and write down notes using your own words. While reading think about the major themes and concepts of the book.
  5. Repeat your reading by asking yourself questions about the text.

You can try various applications to help reading and remembering.

Concept mapping

Concept map helps to analyze the cause and consequence -relations of the material and teaches the most relevant concepts. Below find some free applications on the internet:

General instruction of concept mapping:

  1. Place the most important concept in the middle of the paper.
  2. Join subordinate concepts with the concept in the middle.
  3. You may write words between the main concept and the subordinate concept, which describe their relation.


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