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On this page you will find information about potential MSc and BSc thesis topics and PhD research opportunities along with who to contact if you are interested. In addition, you will find information about summer research opportunities for BSc and MSc students. Of course, you are also always welcome to suggest your own ideas! You can jump down to the relevant topic section using the links below.

MSc thesis topics

Preliminary title and/or topicResearch skill(s) to developContact person(s)
Large scale in situ heat transfer experiment in the ONKALO underground research facility Rock thermal properties, planning and running of in situ thermal experimentsIlmo Kukkonen
3D fracture analysis of a postglacial fault Fracture and tectonic analysis with photogrammetric methodsIlmo Kukkonen
Seismic deformation of till layers over a postglacial fault using anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility Using magnetic properties in deformation analysisIlmo Kukkonen
Radiogenic heat production model of the lithosphere based on geochemistry and seismic data Thermal and seismic lithosphere models, geochemistry of rocks, lithological models of the crustIlmo Kukkonen
Geoneutrinos and radiogenic heat production of the Earth Estimation the effect of lithospheric heat production in the area of the planned geoneutri no observatory in PyhäsalmiIlmo Kukkonen
Presence of potassium in the earth’s core Possible deep sources of heat in Earth

Ilmo Kukkonen

Heat producing elements in iron and stony iron meteorites Possible heat sources in Earth's coreIlmo Kukkonen
Magnetic minerals in the upper mantle Modeling of magnetic anomalies in the lithosphere scaleIlmo Kukkonen
Fracture orientation analysis of the Outokumpu deep drill hole with acoustic televiewer data Borehole geophysics, fracture analysis, 3D modelingIlmo Kukkonen
Thermochronological age determination methods: Fission track & He-U-Th-methods Developing low-temperature geochronological research in Finland: Geological methods
David M Whipp & Ilmo Kukkonen
Modeling of thermochronological dataDeveloping low-temperature geochronological research in Finland: Geophysical thermal modeling of late crustal evolution
Ilmo Kukkonen & David M Whipp
Water in the mantle: geophysical implications High temperature and pressure physics of mantle rocksIlmo Kukkonen
Study of shock darkening in selected chondritic meteorites Tomas Kohout
Changes in reflectance spectra of olivine and pyroxene due to space weathering Tomas Kohout
Seismic forward modeling of ore deposits

Seismic forward modeling,

interpretation of reflection seismic data

Emilia Koivisto
Re-processing and interpretation of reflection seismic data from Suhanko layered intrusion

Processing of reflection seismic data, 3D interpretation of

reflection seismic & other geophysical and geological data

Emilia Koivisto
more coming soon...  

BSc thesis topics

Preliminary title and/or topicResearch skill(s) to developContact person(s)

Data mining in mining and exploration environments /

Tiedonlouhinta malminetsinnässä

Literature review,

Drill hole database analyses and data mining

Emilia Koivisto

more coming soon..  

PhD research opportunities

Available doctoral research projects can be found on the PhD research opportunities page. You're most welcome to contact us to discuss these or other project ideas!

Ilmo Kukkonen, Professor of Solid Earth Geophysics, Department of Physics, Physicum room D311
Email: ilmo.kukkonen [at], Tel: +358 40 5771262

David Whipp, Assistant Professor of Geodynamics, Department of Geosciences and Geography, Exactum room D430
Email: david.whipp [at], Tel: +358 50 3199336

Emilia Koivisto, Lecturer of Applied Geophysics, Department of Geosciences and Geography, Physicum room B124
Email: emilia.koivisto [at], Tel: +358 50 4160626

Summer research internships

If you are a current BSc or MSc student seeking a summer research opportunity, please check out the options on our summer internships page.

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