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Below you will find a list of opportunities for doctoral research in Solid Earth Geophysics. If you are interested in doctoral research, but do not find a relevant topic below you are welcome to contact our people directly to inquire about research possibilities.

Ice sheet erosion and Quaternary landscape evolution in shield settings

Synopsis: We are looking for a motivated doctoral student with interests in landscape evolution in shield settings in response to erosion by ice sheets during the Quaternary. The focus of the research project is not yet settled, but research tasks could include:

The main scientific questions are related to the rates and spatial distribution of erosion by ice sheets in shield settings, such as: How quickly do shields erode beneath ice sheets? how does the spatial pattern of erosion relate to the surface topography? Can we detect the past activity of post-glacial faults from the erosion history of their hanging walls?

Tools: Cosmogenic radionuclide dating, optically stimulated luminescence dating, low-temerature thermochronology, numerical modelling, laboratory method development

Study areas: Finland, Canadian shield, other regions in Fennoscandia

Supervisors: Ilmo Kukkonen and David Whipp

Collaborators: To be determined.

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