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Our new MSc program started in the fall 2014. The new program is organized jointly by the Department of Physics and Department of Geosciences and Geography at the University of Helsinki, Finland. To the new program, we accept students with Bachelor`s degree in physics or geology. Students with BSc in physics are required to demonstrate sufficient skills in geology (by obtaining a minor in geology or by demonstrating comparable skills), and students with BSc in geology are required to demonstrate sufficient skills in physics (by obtaining a minor in physics or by demonstrating comparable skills). Students with geoscience, engineering and other backgrounds may also be eligible to enter the program; the decisions are made on case-by-case basis. All of our classes are taught in English.

Within the MSc program, the students have an option of focusing their studies either in global solid earth geophysics or in applied geophysics. Within these two general focus areas, we offer classes and thesis opportunities covering a wide variety of topics in geodesy, seismology, geothermics, tectonics, geodynamics, geomagnetism and paleomagnetism, as well as different methods and applications of applied geophysics. The aim of the program is to provide the students with comprehensive understanding of the current knowledge on solid earth geophysics, and with effective skills to tackle underlying research problems. All the courses have been planned jointly to provide a continuum of learning throughout the program. Hands-on exercises in the class, laboratory and in the field are a central part of our courses, in order to present the theory and practice hand-in-hand. To our students, we offer modern computer and laboratory facilities, and most importantly, an enthusiastic group of teachers.

To meet some of our Finnish students, check out the geophysics student organization Geysir ry.

General information / questions email:

seg-info [at]

Program coordinators:

Ilmo Kukkonen, Professor of Solid Earth Geophysics, Department of Physics, Physicum room D311
Email: ilmo.kukkonen [at], Tel: +358 40 5771262

David Whipp, Assistant Professor of Geodynamics, Department of Geosciences and Geography, Exactum room D430
Email: david.whipp [at], Tel: +358 50 3199336

Emilia Koivisto, Lecturer of Applied Geophysics, Department of Geosciences and Geography, Physicum room B124
Email: emilia.koivisto [at], Tel: +358 50 4160626


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  1. Anonymous

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