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If you are interested in the program, contact us!

To the MSc program, we accept students with Bachelor`s degree in physics or geology. Students with BSc in physics are required to demonstrate sufficient skills in geology (by obtaining a minor in geology or by demonstrating comparable skills), and students with BSc in geology are required to demonstrate sufficient skills in physics (by obtaining a minor in physics or by demonstrating comparable skills). Students with geoscience, engineering and other backgrounds may also be eligible to enter the program; the decisions are made on case-by-case basis.

General information for international students on how to apply to the University of Helsinki can be found here.

For students entering the program with a Bachelor`s degree in physics or geology from the University of Helsinki, the formal requirements can be found here (in Finnish).

General information / questions email:

seg-info [at]

Program coordinators:

Ilmo Kukkonen, Professor of Solid Earth Geophysics, Department of Physics, Physicum room D311
Email: ilmo.kukkonen [at], Tel: +358 40 5771262

David Whipp, Assistant Professor of Geodynamics, Department of Geosciences and Geography, Exactum room D430
Email: david.whipp [at], Tel: +358 50 3199336

Emilia Koivisto, Lecturer of Applied Geophysics, Department of Geosciences and Geography, Physicum room B124
Email: emilia.koivisto [at], Tel: +358 50 4160626

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  1. Anonymous

    have you a scholarship program for developing countries

  2. Anonymous

    is the offer still valid? and what are the requirements beside having a Bachelor`s degree in physics or geology? would love to apply but still not quite sure whether i qualify. currently i have to do my research paper in geology - this will take up to a month - but after that i have time to look into some interesting programs and i find yours offers great opportunities for personal and professional development

  3. Anonymous

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