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On Friday 21.11 a seminar about the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) was given as part of the departmental seminar series in the Department of Geosciences and Geography. Prof. Ilmo Kukkonen gave an introduction to the ICDP and detailed a planned project aiming to drill active post-glacial faults in northern Europe (DAFNE project). We were also fortunate to have our students Katja Piipponen and Ilmari Smedberg share their experiences as part of the ICDP training course on drilling the Alpine fault on the south island of New Zealand. The ICDP covered their participation costs entirely and provided a unique and excellent opportunity to learn more about continental drilling first-hand. In case you missed it, or want to revisit this very interesting set of presentations, the slides are available below.

If you have questions of further interest in the ICDP, check out their website or contact Ilmo Kukkonen. There are also many links to resources related to drilling of the Alpine fault available in Ilmari and Katja's presentations.

Introduction to the ICDP: Introduction_ICDP_Kukkonen_211114_Compressed.pdf

ICDP training course in New Zealand: ICDP_Training_Course_2014_Katerina_Piipponen.pdf

Deep fault drilling of the Alpine fault: DFDP_Alpine_Fault_Seminar_Presentation_Ilmari_Smedberg.pdf

Drilling active faults in northern Europe (DAFNE): DAFNE_project_introduction_211114.pdf

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