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Esztergon Visegrad ExcursionDeparture from Hotel Gellert9:00
Arrival to Hotel Gellert17:00
Petrovay, KristófELTE, HungaryOpening09:00-09:10
Montier, LudovicIRAP, Toulouse, FranceThe final version of the C3PO catalogue09:10-09:40
Juvela, MikaHelsinki University, FinlandDust and structure of CC clumps09:45-10:15
Tóth, L. ViktorELTE, HungaryNH3 survey of Planck cold clumps10:20-10:40
  coffee break 10:40-11:05
Bernard, Jean-PhilippeIRAP, Toulouse, FrancePlanck Cold Cores in the Large Magellanic Cloud with MOPRA11:05-11:35
Fehér, OrsolyaELTE, HungaryPlanck cold clumps in Heiles Cloud 211:40-12:00
Zahorecz, SaroltaESO, Garching, GermanyTAP Planck clumps, 3D modelling of a binary core12:05-12:30
Verebélyi, ErikaKonkoly Observatory, HungaryKinematics of Planck cold clumps12:35-12:50
  lunch break 13:00-14:20
Molnár, DánielELTE, Hungary3D modelling of a rotating core14:20-14:40
Bőgner, RebekaELTE, HungaryDistance determination of V31_742014:45-14:55
Pelkonen, Veli-MattiHelsinki University, FinlandNIR Follow-ups of Cold Cores Using NOT and VLT/Hawk-I15:00:15:30
  coffee break 15:30-16:00
McGehee, PeregrineIPAC, USASearching for young stellar objects near Planck cold cores16:00-16:30
Marton, GáborKonkoly Observatory, HungaryThe Herschel psc feasibility study, ALLWISE YSO selection16:30-16:55
  Planck discussion (closed doors)08:40-10:15
 coffee break10:15-10:35
Falgarone, EdithEcole Normale Supérieure de Paris, FranceThe dynamic environment of high latitude cold cores as seen in 12CO lines10:35-11:05
Pattle, KatherineUCLAN, Preston, UKTriggered Star Formation in Ophiuchus11:10-11:40
Ristorcelli, IsabelleIRAP, Toulouse, FrancePhysical properties of the dense high-latitude clump MCLD 126.6+24.511:45-12:05
Montillaud, JulienBesanconIRAM observations of G110-1312:10-12:30
Doi, YasuoUniversity of Tokyo, JapanLatest status of the AKARI FIR all-sky survey data12:35-13:05
  lunch break 13:10-14:10
Jimenez-Serra, IzaskunESO, Garching, GermanyComplex gas kinematics in IRDCs: Testing global gravitational collapse in molecular clouds14:10-14:30
Kim, Hyun-JeongSNU, Seoul, KoreaStar Formation in the Long Filamentary Infrared Dark Cloud IRDC G53.214:35-14:55
Rivera, AlanaIRAP, Toulouse, FranceConstraining filamentary properties and evolution at different environments15:00-15:30
Koo, Bon-ChulSNU, Seoul, KoreaRecent Two Surveys of the Inner Galaxy for the ”ISMers”15:35-16:05
  coffee break 16:10-16:40
 Follow-ups - discussion16:40-17:30
Marshall, DouglasParis VII, FranceHow gamma rays can help discern changing dust properties09:00-09:20
Ysard, NathalieIRAP, Toulouse, FranceModelling of dust evolution from the diffuse to the dense ISM09:25-09:55
Malinen, JohannaHelsinki University, FinlandInterstellar medium and initial stages of star formation: comparing simulations and observations10:00-10:30
Rácz, IstvánELTE, HungaryStar formation of Planck cold clouds10:35-10:50
Pintér, SándorELTE, HungaryPoint source removal on Herschel images10:50-11:05
  coffee break 11:05-11:25
  Papers - discussion11:25-12:45
  Lunch break and travel to the Konkoly Observatory 12:45-14:45
  Reception at the Konkoly Observatory15:00-16:30
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