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Data files

Below are links to the surface brightness maps of the three fields that were observed during the Herschel Science demonstration phase. For details of the fields and the observations, please see the papers Juvela et al. 2010, 2011. The data are now available also through the Herschel User Reduced Data web page.

The names of the fields are PCC288, PCC550, and PCC249. The data have been processed with the Hipe program and are fully reduced final maps. Note that the surface brightness values are in the second header unit of the FITS files. The PACS maps at 100um ('green') and 160um ('red') are made with the Madmap routine and are given in units of Jy per pixel. The SPIRE maps at 250um, 350um, and 500um ('PSW', 'PMW', 'PLW') are the result of the 'naive mapping' and are in units of Jy per beam. See the pages of the Herschel Science Centre for more information on Herschel data and the Hipe data reduction environment. In the papers quoted above, the zero point of the surface brightness scale was set with the help of Planck data. This correction has not been included in the files below. On the other hand, according to the latest calibration information, the pixel values should be multiplied with the following correction factors:

  • 'blue' : 1.0/1.05
  • 'green' : 1.0/1.09
  • 'red' : 1.0/1.29
  • 'PSW' : 1.02
  • 'PMW' : 1.05
  • 'PLW' : 0.94

The data files (zip packages):

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