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Below is the original abstract from our Herschel proposal. In January 2008 the programme was granted 150.9 hours of Herschel time.

Galactic Cold Cores: A Herschel survey of the source populations revealed by Planck

In this programme we propose to study starless cores and the initial conditions of star formation using the Herschel satellite and the combined power of its PACS and SPIRE instruments. As the starting point we have the Planck survey that will provide the first all-sky survey of Galactic cold and compact dust clouds. We will concentrate our study on mid- and high Galactic latitudes. Therefore, our program complements the accepted Guaranteed Time and proposed Open Time programs which target the most prominent regions already in the phase of active star formation. The main objective is to build a coherent observational database representing the entire cold core population in the Galaxy.

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