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The Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki organizes the Finnish URSI Radio Science Days at September 7–8. 2017. The meeting will be held at Kumpula Campus.

Invited speakers

  • Dr. Gorden Videen,  Space Science Institute, USA and U.S. Army Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Anne Virkki, Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
  • Dr. Talvikki Hovatta, Tuorla Observatory
  • Dr. Constantin Simovski, Aalto University
  • Ass. Prof. Jaan Praks, Aalto University
  • Dr. Johannes Markkanen, University of Helsinki

Young Scientis award

Following the tradition, a trophy will be awarded to a promising scientist under 35 years. This year the selection committee decided to award Dr. Talvikki Hovatta from Tuorla Observatory with invited presentation Radio view of magnetic fields around relativistic jets. Congratulations Talvikki!


One-page PDF version.

THU 7.9.
FRI 8.9

Chemicum A110
Chemicum A129
Opening, H. Koskinen, K. Muinonen and A. Sihvola

T. Hovatta

Radio view of magnetic fields around relativistic jets


A. Virkki

Radio and radar astronomy at the Arecibo Observatory

09:00J. HarjuALMA discovers a de-icing zone in a prestellar core
09:15N. ZubkoNew VGOS radio telescope at Metsähovi Geodetic Research StationM. JuvelaPolarised emission from interstellar dust clouds
09:30A. WallinInitial results from the MIKES-Metsähovi time and frequency linkM. SaajastoMolecular radio line observations of a galactic star forming cloud G82.65-02.00
09:45K. LehtinenOccultations of compact radio sources by asteroidsJ. HerranenEffect of Scattering Dynamics on Model Dust Polarization




G. Videen

Microphysical Properties of Regolith and Obtaining Information through Modeling

C. Simovski

Enhancement of organic solar cells by silver nanoantennas


J. Markkanen

Electromagnetic scattering by dense discrete random media: Numerical solution via radiative transfer with reciprocal transactions R2T2

F. LiuTunable function from tunable metasurfaces
11:15D. TzarouchisPlasmonic resonances and excitation-free modes on Platonic solids
11:30T. VäisänenMultiple scattering modeling pipeline for spectroscopy, polarimetry, and photometry of airless Solar System objectsA. Diaz RubioFull control of reflection: spatial power modulation and its consequences
11:45J. MartikainenRetrieving complex refractive indices using multiple-scattering methodsX. WangSystematic design of perfect metasurface absorber for ink-printing technology





Physicum D101
Exactum A111
13:30J. HaapamaaSynthetic Aperture Radar and Signature Management of Ground Targets: Numerical ApproachT. KiuruHarnessing the power of millimeter wave radar for improving the orientation and mobility of the visual impaired
13:45H. RantanenRadio Technical Evolution in the Finnish SDR ProgramM. GritsevichChallenges in interpreting meteor detections based on middle and upper atmosphere radar measurements
14:00M. MelvasaloCo-Existence of Communication and Radar SystemsV.-M. Pelkonen3D radiative transfer code for polarized scattered light with aligned grains
14:15L. Koskinen

Performing side channel attack on a commercial AES-256 device

K. MuinonenMultiple scattering by discrete random media of Rayleigh scatterers using first-order incoherent interactions
14:30D. Korpi

In-band Full-Duplex Radios for Military Communications

Discussion, K. Muinonen

14:45J. RuoskanenDiscussion




J. Praks

Aalto-1 satellite first months in orbit


16:00A. PenttiläFull Mueller matrix single particle scatterometer


Participants who want to contribute with oral presentation in the program should send a short, max. one page abstract, before August 25. to the  local organizer contact person. The format of the one-page abstract is free, but you may use this template.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held at restaurant Lasipalatsi, close to the railway station and the Kamppi mall. We will start the dinner at 18:30 on Thursday evening.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Ana Diaz-Rubio (Aalto Univ.), Martti Hallikainen (Aalto Univ.), Jorma Harju (Univ. Helsinki), Karri Muinonen (Univ. Helsinki, Chair), Jukka Ruoskanen (Finnish Defence Research Agency, Riihimäki), Esa Turunen (Univ. Oulu), Jyrki Manninen (Univ. Oulu), Henrik Wallen (Aalto Univ.)

Local organizers

Dr. Antti Penttilä (contact:, Dr. Maria Gritsevich, and Prof. Karri Muinonen


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