This is the home of the PSR – Planetary System Research group at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki

The group leader is Prof. Karri Muinonen Karri.Muinonen( a t )

Researchers affiliated with PSR are Prof. Mikael Granvik, Doc. Jouni Peltoniemi, Doc. Tomas Kohout, Doc. Antti Penttilä, Doc. Maria Gritsevich, Dr. Evgenij Zubko, Dr. Jani Tyynelä, Dr. Dagmara Oszkiewicz, Dr. Johannes Markkanen, Dr. Hannakaisa Lindqvist, Dr. Anne Virkki, Dr. Olli Wilkman, Dr. Guanglang Xu, Dr. Grigori Fedorets, Dr. Timo Väisänen, Dr. Joonas Herranen, Dr. Julia Martikainen, and Otto Solin (M.Sc.).


in Univ. Helsinki that are either given by us or related to our studies.

Former courses


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Data collections and computer codes

hosted by PSR Helsinki group. Note, we are currently streamlining the codes and the way they are distributed. While this is ongoing, there is a note 'DEPRECATED' with old versions which will be updated and repackaged.

  • SIRIS4-framework for geometric optics computations with particles including diffuse scatterers. The framework combines the subroutine library and main programs for different purposes:
    • Single Gaussian random sphere particles
    • Single core-mantle Gaussian random sphere particles
    • Multiple particles in mesh format
    • Generation of Gaussian random sphere particles
  • RT-CB for Radiative Transfer with Coherent Backscattering effects
  • Computer codes for H,G1,G2 and H,G12 photometric systems
  • absMie, a Fortran conversion of the Mathematica Mie code for sphere in absorbing medium by Sudiarta
  • Numerical scattering law for solar system bodies
  • AAMS database of asteroid photometric parameters, i.e. absolute magnitudes and phase curve slope parameters
  • Experimental Online spectral fit tool
  • DEPRECATED: FaSTMM, a fast superposition T-matrix method code for exact scattering properties of a collection of spherical particles
  • DEPRECATED: R2T2 for Radiative Transfer with Reciprocal Transactions
  • Asteroid Photometric Catalogue for asteroid lightcurves and asteroid phase curve analyzer (DECOMMISSIONED IN MARCH 2017)


organized by us


where PSR is contributing

  • Academy of Finland consortium project Planetary spectrometry (PlanetS), lead by prof. Karri Muinonen, 2019–2023
  • Academy of Finland consortium project The Earth spherical albedo from space geodesy (ALBEDO), lead by prof. Karri Muinonen, 2016–2020
  • European Research Council Advanced Grant project SAEMPL, lead by prof. Karri Muinonen, 2013–2018
  • Academy of Finland project Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Complex Random Media, lead by prof. Karri Muinonen, 2012–2016

PSR-member, see internal group space for our group meetings and shared documents.

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