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Course page for Electromagnetic Scattering II – Sähkömagneettinen sironta II

Advanced Course, 5 credits, PAP316, Fall 2018, Period 2

The course Electromagnetic Scattering II offers an introduction and theoretical foundation for elastic electromagnetic scattering by complex random media of particles, in other words, for multiple electromagnetic scattering. As compared to the wavelength, the media can span from a few wavelengths onwards to the scale of thousands of wavelengths. As to the geometry of the media, media composed of both spherical and nonspherical particles are treated. Finally, the course includes practical application of existing multiple-scattering software in both laptop and supercomputing environments to interpret spectroscopic, photometric, and polarimetric observations in astronomy as well as scattering measurements in the laboratory.

Lecturers: Dr. Jesús Escobar-Cerezo, Dr. Maria Gritsevich, Dr. Antti Penttilä, MSc Julia Martikainen, MSc Grigori Fedorets, Prof. Karri Muinonen.

Timetable and contents:

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