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Advanced Course, 5 credits, PAP316, Spring 2021, Period 4

Astrophysical light scattering problems provides a cross-scale journey in light scattering (electromagnetic scattering) with a particular emphasis in applications. The course starts with an introduction to the basic concepts and computational methods, whereafter experimental measurements are assessed. Various applications are introduced for planetary system objects, interstellar and circumstellar dust, and exoplanets. Students are actively involved in the interpretation of spectroscopic, photometric, and polarimetric observations as well as laboratory measurements. The interpretation takes place using both laptop and supercomputing environments.

Lecturers: Prof. Karri Muinonen, Dr. Antti Penttilä, Dr. Anne Virkki.


Timetable and contents:



Home exam:

Link to the exam. The answers must be returned by Monday midnight, May 17, 2021 via e-mail. Remember to include your name and student identification number in your answers.

Past courses:

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