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Course page for Statistical Inverse Methods — Tilastolliset inversiomenetelmät

Advanced Course, 5 credits, PAP303, spring 2022, periods 3 and 4

We will start with remote teaching in period 3. Lectures and exercise sessions are held in Zoom, Lectures are on Mondays at 10:15. On period 4 the lectures will be at Exactum, D122, and exercises at Physicum, D117.

Lecturer: Antti Penttilä, you can contact me by e-mail, antti.i.penttila (a t), or room D310 in Physicum. Course assistant: Alex Rawlings, alexander.rawlings (a t)

Lectures and schedule
  • 17.01. Introduction
  • 24.01. Statistical inference
  • 31.01. Statistical tests
  • 07.02. Linear model
  • 14.02. Linear model, non-linear model
  • 21.02. ===NO LECTURE===
  • 28.02. Non-parametric methods, multivariate methods
  • 14.03. Multivariate methods (Note, still in Zoom)
  • 21.03. Multivariate methods, Bayesian inference (Note, lectures on-site starting from this)
  • 28.03. Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo methods
  • 04.04. Monte Carlo methods, Markov chain Monte Carlo
  • 11.04. Markov chain Monte Carlo
  • 25.04. Artificial neural networks
  • 02.05. 
Course material

The course handout follows previous years but is refined during the course. Latest version is distributed here, but be aware that I can update the material while we advance in the lectures.

Latest SIM'2022 handout (updated 25-04-2022)

Exercise sessions

See the Moodle page for the course for exercises,

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