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  • If you are not from University of Helsinki and do not have an Open IRIS account already click "Register"
  • Enter your email

  • Now you should be able to use your social identity or provide a new password for the specified email
  • Enter your name

  • Join your research group if it is there already otherwise press "Skip"

  • You will be sent a confirmation email. Click the link on the message to complete registration.

  • Now you should have access to the Open IRIS system and you should be able to login using the provided email.
  • Before starting a project, you will need to request access from one of providers that you would like to use; navigate to the Browse→Providers tab and press  and press 

  • upon processing the request you will be notified with an email
  • After approval please follow the additional instructions on how to start a group and initiate a project on Open IRIS for Users#Accessbasedonprojects

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