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This page is a collection of points copied from emails to/from Dean. Clear feature requests are on a separate page.

Open issues


User can not cancel their own reservation. Iris gives error ' Can unbook only resources booked by yourself'

Forwarded to Dean


Relocking different settings for a view in Admin INBOX does not work.


MM 14.11. Not reported recently.

Overrun notifications for cancelled reservation. Overrun also shortened the cancelled reservation. However cancelled reservation is not in charges. Booking should contain information when it was cancelled.

From: <>
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2019 1:58 PM
To: Teixeira, Joana <>; Andjelkovic, Ana <>
Subject: HiLIFE notification for resource Leica SP8 STED - overrun of booking

  • The following booking is running into the next booking:

    • User: Ana Andjelkovic (
    • Resource: Leica SP8 STED
    • Provider: Light Microscopy Unit
    • Booking type: Regular usage
    • Start: 2019-9-27 12:00
    • End: 2019-9-27 14:01 (booking has already been extended into the next booking)
  • The next booking is:

    • User: Joana Teixeira (
    • Resource: Leica SP8 STED
    • Provider: Light Microscopy Unit
    • Booking type: Regular usage
    • Start: 2019-9-27 14:00
    • End: 2019-9-27 19:00
  • Click here to book this resource.

MM 2019-09-09

Possible to make bookings with 'NA' Request

Status: Problem with User access and Request based access conflict


MM 2019-09-09

Adding project request participants by group leader, admin or owner.

status: testing 


HJ 2017-11-15 the link to usage policy shows the text format policy, but not the URL that is actually selected in provider settings.

2 Facebook login drops HTTPS. 

  • workaround: HiLIFE portal is set to force HTTPS

VR 2018-10-25

Multi pricing does not work properly when choosing a costcenter type example. HUS and Academic internal from dragbox.
Status: feature not supported. You can make this work by defining a group to specific pricing rule.

Status: Fixed 19.9.2019

VR 2018-10-25

IRIS agent does not kick out users from virtual machines even if this option is enabled.
Status: Feature request

MM 2019-09-09

Modification / Deletion / Cancellation Restriction 
How it is working? Not working as wanted

  • Modifications allowed only for future (start or end time)

Status: Cancellation limit moved to feature requests

MM 2019-09-09

Not able to change request on Training bookings

Status: Solved:  If admin originally makes training request in their own name, request should be N/A

MM 2018-09-26

Editing Cost Center possible only for Charges. And does not work always where reason might be the error above. Why not for Bookings?

Status: Fixed

MM 2018-09-26

Bookings and Charges does not match in Edit Group View. For example Group Pekka Lappalainen.

Status: Fixed

VR 2018-10-25

IRIS sends out unnecessary notifications of bookings to admins.
Status: Done

HJ 2017-11-27

Vocabulary proposal: Project → Collaboration, Request → Project

DONE Alternatively (in short term) block Browse / Projects for regular users.

HJ 2017-10-17

Moved to feature request. Alternate label for Request = Project

HJ 2017-11-20

1 ADDED FEATURE REQUEST Discount for "No lasers" add-on

2 ADDED FEATURE REQUEST Check that "No lasers" cannot be selected with together with other laser add-ons

3 Group selector, option for "other" Comment 2018-05-21 (HJ): This selector is in user signup. In real use with Shibboleth authentication signup will not be needed, so the selector won't be needed either. If a new PI log in, and needs to have a group created for him, he can send a service request.

4 ADDED FEATURE REQUEST Multi-factor authentication possibility for admins

HJ 2017-11-16

1 FIXED Admin Inbox project charges description shows times in GMT. Local time would be better.

2 Count of charges in tab title is wrong (2 when only 1 charge split in two prices). (Time filter was on in the charge list.)


Could the approval mechanism now available for service requests also be extended to invoices?

HJ 2017-10-09

1 Approver email is listed twice in Admin Inbox.

  • Not a bug, this was because of default approver was set. The approver list will be made more clear.

 HJ 2017-10-06

  1. ADDED FEATURE REQUEST Remit are codes can be imported as attributes to groups. TODO: verify that they are visible in invoices.
  2. BUG FIXED: WBS codes are shown differently in organization vs. group views. Organization view shows that assignment per group has worked, group view show all organization WBS.
  3. BUG FIXED: WBS assigned to a group is not available in Admin Inbox project edit view. 

HJ 2017-09-27

  1. FIXED Contact request from provider landing page (without logging in) hangs.

HJ 2017-08-29

1. I was not able to add a department (fixed)

2. When bulk importing users, it was necessary to separate the fields by separator + space (not reproduced)

3. It was not possible to bulk import the same users as trained to a resource (not reproduced)

 ADDED FEATURE REQUEST LMU: Cost centers (WBS) on the project request would be ideal and needs to be reviewed to optimize. (will be added)

CHECKED WITH IT, DOABLE VIA TIETOVÄYLÄ How to verify WBS? Is it possible to check with SAP here?

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