Unitube-equipped lecture rooms allow unidirectional streaming with Unitube equipment or the utilisation of bidirectional AV technology, for example, via Zoom or Teams.

Instructional videos on the page:

1. Basic control panel functions

2. Unitube streaming

3. Video communications (Zoom/Teams)


You can use the control panel, for example, to toggle between image sources for the projector (the audio will be relayed simultaneously to the speakers) or to adjust the lighting and audio in the room.

Instructional video for using the control panel in the lecture room:

Open the video in a separate window by clicking here.


The Unitube equipment in the facility allows you to stream unidirectionally or to record teaching or other presentations taking place in the facility. Streaming does not allow for remote audience participation, and there is about half a minute’s delay in the broadcast.

Instructional video on Unitube streaming:

Open the video in a separate window by clicking here.

Unitube is the name for the University of Helsinki’s video service. It entails the possibility to upload, publish and manage videos. Videos recorded with the streaming equipment in lecture rooms are stored in the Unitube accounts of users who have logged in with their ID card at, and they will not be published automatically. Streaming addresses are room specific and permanent.

Unitube service instructions with lecture room streaming addresses:


The video communications equipment enables bidirectional connections using the camera and microphones in the room on the computer video-conferencing software.

Instructional video for using video communications equipment in lecture rooms:

Open the video in a separate window by clicking here.

The video communications software Zoom is suitable for meetings, seminars and remote teaching. Zoom instructions:

Instructions for using Zoom and other video equipment in teaching:

If you have any questions related to presentation technology, you can contact AV-services:

02941 24240

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