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How to get to the venue:

The Minerva Plaza is located at Siltavuorenpeger, in Kaisaniemi. Kaisaniemi is within walking distance from the Main Railway Station and easily reached with public transport.

  • The closest metro stop is the Helsinki University stop. From there the walk to Siltavuorenpenger is about 500 meters.
  • The trams 3, 6, 9 and 7B have stops close to Siltavuorenpenger. For trams 3, 6 and 9 get off at the Varsapuistikko stop and walk about 300 meters to the Minerva Plaza. If you are traveling with 7B (when coming from the railway station; if traveling from the other direction, the tram line is 7A) get off at Liisankatu and walk for about 250 meters to the venue.
  • All the buses to and from the railway station that are headed Northeast or East stop at Kaisaniemenkatu. These include all buses with 6 or 7 as their first digit (65A, 65N, 66A, 67, 72, 74 and so forth). If you're traveling to the direction of the railway station from Northern Helsinki, get off at the Kaisaniemi stop and walk about 500 meters to the venue.


Where to eat lunch:

There are many lunch restaurants close to the Minerva Plaza.

  • There are three Unicafes nearby: the ones at Minerva (same building as the venue), Metsätalo (Unioninkatu 40) and at the Social- och Kommunalhögskolan (Snellmaninkatu 12). Lunch for students with a Finnish student identity card is 2,60, for University of Helsinki staff and doctoral students around six and for others around nine euros.
  • Restaurant Zen Sushi (Snellmaninkatu 16) offers both lunch and takeout.
  • In Hakaniemi, on the other side of the bridge, there is a Subway (Siltasaarenkatu 2) as well as restaurant Onda (Toinen Linja 2), which offers ethnic food both as a lunch buffet as well as á la carte.
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