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Talks during the spring term 2016

Wed 20.1.2016 12-14, C124
Tapani Hyttinen: Measures of dependence, entropy and information

Wed 27.1.2016 12-14, C124

Wed 3.2.2016 12-14, C124
Juliette Kennedy: Notes on the Syntax/Semantics Distinction, or: 3 Moments in the Life of the Mathematical Drawing

Wed 10.2.2016 12-14, C124
Jonni Virtema: Approximation and Dependence via Multiteam Semantics

Wed 17.2.2016 12-14, C124
Gianluca Paolini: Coxeter Groups and Abstract Elementary Classes: The Right-Angled Case

Wed 24.2.2016 12-14, C124
Jouko Väänänen: Inner models from  extended logics

Wed 2.3.2016 12-14, C124

Wed 9.3.2016 12-14, C124
exam week

Wed 16.3.2016 12-14, C124
Gianluca Paolini: Coxeter Groups and Abstract Elementary Classes: The Right-Angled Case (Continued)

Wed 23.3.2016 12-14, C124
Vadim Kulikov: Dependence, Coupling and Semantics in Cognitive Systems

Wed 30.3.2016 12-14, C124
Easter holiday

Wed 6.4.2016 12-14, C124
Åsa Hirvonen: What is a Quantum Turing Machine?

Wed 13.4.2016 12-14, C124
Annika Siders: A language for Con(PA)

Abstract: A language is defined to fit the structure of Gentzen's reduction algorithm that proves the consistency of PA. The reduction algorithm is proven to be a restricted normalization theorem for the language. The exposition closely follows Part 1 of Takeuti's book Proof Theory.

Wed 20.4.2016 12-14, C124
Jeffrey Keisler: Observing, reporting and deciding in networks of agents

Abstract. We consider networks in which agents have knowledge bases in first order logic, make new observations, and report to their neighbors within common languages, where some agents (deciders) wish to select (prove) one sentence from a set of alternatives. We derive conditions describing when it is possible to (a) obtain such proofs and (b) have a systematic plan to generate such proofs. We consider within this framework the example of junction tree algorithms for solving Bayes nets.

Joint work with H. Jerome Keisler, University of Wisconsin.

Wed 27.4.2016 12-14, C124

Wed 4.5.2016 12-14, C124
Juha Kontinen: A Logical approach to context-specific independence (Joint work with Jukka Corander, Antti Hyttinen, Johan Pensar and Jouko Väänänen)

Wed 11.5.2016 12-14, C124
Felipe Posada: Towards a generalization of quasiminimality and excellence for uncountable languages

Abstract: Shelah's Classification Theory contains as its first "Problem parallel to the book" the generalization of the Main Gap theorem to uncountable theories, explicitly mentioning that the only step of his proof in which countability of the language is required is in the OTOP dichotomy. Grossberg and Hart also provided a proof of a Main Gap for Excellent classes, in which OTOP was not required.

The purpose of the talk is to show how modern techniques of Excellence as a consequence of quasiminimality, as in Bays et al., can be generalized to uncountable languages, in the hopes of leveraging these techniques as a first step in generalizing Grossberg and Hart's proof, providing initial insight into Shelah's first Problem parallel to the book.


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