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Talks during the fall term 2016

Tue 9.8.2016 12-14, C124 (extra seminar)
Miika Hannula (Auckland): Entailment in modal dependence logic

Wed 7.9.2016 12-14, C124
Fausto Barbero: Descriptive complexity of Independence-Friendly synctactical tree fragments

Wed 14.9.2016 12-14, C124
Miguel Moreno: The isomorphism relation of Theories with S-DOP

Wed 21.9.2016 12-14, C124
Panu Raatikainen (University of Tampere): On generalizing Gödel's second incompleteness theorem

Wed 28.9.2016 12-14, C124
Jonni Virtema: Decidability and undecidability of two-variable logics with team semantics

Wed 5.10.2016 12-14, C124
Åsa Hirvonen: On kernels and propagators: what works and what doesn't  when adding eigenvectors to quantum mechanics

Wed 12.10.2016 12-14, C124
Tapani Hyttinen: Abstract elementary classes as a strong logic for model theory

Wed 19.10.2016 12-14, C124

Wed 26.10.2016 12-14, C124
exam week

Wed 2.11.2016 12-14, C124

Wed 9.11.2016 12-14, C124
Jouko Väänänen: Propositional dependence and independence logic

Wed 16.11.2016 12-14, C124
Vadim Kulikov: Merging graph and network theories: Towards a generic small-world network?

Wed 23.11.2016 12-14, C124
Tapani Hyttinen: Random predicate in Hilbert spaces

Wed 30.11.2016 12-14, C124
Markus Pantsar (Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies): The cognitive basis of actual infinity

Abstract: Folllowing Aristotle, for millennia mathematicians worked under the idea that infinities are always potential. This was changed remarkably quickly by Cantor and, even though challenged in the foundationalist battles of the early 20th century, mathematicians have generally chosen to treat infinities as actual ever since. However, the foundational problem was never solved, and postulating actual infinity by the axiom of infinity (or equivalent) seems like just the kind of solution that Russell called theft over honest toil.

In this talk, I suggest a way out that does not require tinkering with the foundations of set theory. With a metaphorical reading of actual infinity, we lose none of classical mathematics and can still consider all infinities to be potential. Moreover, this is not an ad hoc solution crafted to explain actual infinity: I will argue that such metaphorical thinking is how we come to grasp mathematical objects in general.

Wed 7.12.2016 12-14, C124

Wed 14.12.2016 12-14, C124
John Alexander Cruz Morales (Bonn and Bogota): Model theory and geometry in characteristic one

Abstract: After giving a brief introduction to algebraic geometry over the so-called field with one element (or field of characteristic one) we will discuss a model theoretic approach for the construction of such geometry. This is a joint work in progress with Boris Zilber.

Wed 21.12.2016 12-14, C124
exam week


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