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Logic Seminar

The Logic seminar is held on Wednesdays at 12-14 in C124. After the seminar we have coffee together at 14-15 in the coffee room on the 4th floor.

The seminar is led by Doc. Tapani Hyttinen and Prof. Jouko Väänänen.

Schedule of the spring term 2017

Wed 18.1.2017 12-14, C124
Juliette Kennedy: Tarski and "the mathematical"

Wed 25.1.2017 12-14, C124
Tapani Hyttinen: On the model theory of Bohr's hydrogen atom

Wed 1.2.2017 12-14, C124
Tim Gendron (University of Cuernavaca): Quantum j-invariant in positive characteristic and Hilbert's 12th problem, Abstract

Wed 8.2.2017 12-14, C124
Tim Gendron (University of Cuernavaca): The modular ultrascheme and the universal modular invariant: towards a proof of Hilbert's 12th problem in characteristic zero, Abstract

Wed 15.2.2017 12.15-13.20, C124
Jouko Väänänen: Dedekind and the problem of categoricity

Wed 22.2.2017 12-14, C124
Juliette Kennedy: Squeezing Arguments and Strong Logics cancelled

Wed 1.3.2017 12-14, C124
Kim Solin: Slow Philosophy of Mathematics

Wed 8.3.2017 12-14, C124
exam week

Wed 15.3.2017 12-14, C124
Annika Kanckos: A mathematical context for Gödel's ontological proof

Wed 22.3.2017 12-14, C124
Gianluca Grilletti (Amsterdam): Disjunction and Existence Properties in Inquisitive Logic, Abstract

Wed 29.3.2017 12-14, C124
Miguel Moreno: Reflection principles and Borel reducibility

Wed 5.4.2017 12-14, C124
Juliette Kennedy

Wed 12.4.2017 12-14, C124
Jonni Virtema: TBA

Wed 19.4.2017 12-14, C124
Easter break

Wed 26.4.2017 12-14, C124
Chris Lambie-Hanson: Reflections on the coloring and chromatic numbers

Abstract: Compactness phenomena play a central role in modern set theory, and the investigation of compactness and incompactness for the coloring and chromatic numbers of graphs has been a thriving area of research since the mid-20th century, when De Bruijn and Erdős published their compactness theorem for finite chromatic numbers. In this talk, we will briefly review some of the highlights in this area and then present new results indicating, firstly, that the coloring number can only exhibit a limited amount of incompactness, and, secondly, that large amounts of incompactness for the chromatic number are compatible with strong compactness statements, including compactness for the coloring number. This indicates that the chromatic and coloring numbers behave quite differently with respect to compactness. This is joint work with Assaf Rinot.

Wed 3.5.2017 12-14, C124
Antti Hyttinen: TBA

Wed 10.5.2017 12-14, C124
exam week


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