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Members of the logic group

Aapo Halko, Ph.D., descriptive set theory

Miika Hannula, postdoc.

Åsa Hirvonen, Ph.D., university lecturer, model theory of metric structures

Tapani Hyttinen, docent, university lecturer, model theory.

Kaisa Kangas, postdoc.

Juliette Kennedy, Ph.D., university lecturer, philosophy of mathematics, set theoretic model theory.

Juha Kontinen, professor, finite model theory, dependence logic.

Matti Pauna, Ph.D., using technology in mathematics education, non-wellfounded sets, set theory.

Jouko Väänänen, professor, set theory, model theory, dependence logic, foundations of mathematics.

Fan Yang, postdoc.

Ph.D. students

Amir Oghbatalab, M.Sc.


Taneli Huuskonen (model theory, set theory, logic and analysis)

Meeri Kesälä, mathematician at Finnish Centre for Pensions

Kerkko Luosto, university lecturer at University of Tampere

Juha Oikkonen, professor (teacher education)

Vadim Kulikov

Recent visitors and graduates

Miguel Moreno, Ph.D.

Jonni Virtema, postdoc.

Gianluca Paolini, Ph.D.

Miika Hannula, Ph.D.

Kaisa Kangas, Ph.D.

Fan Yang, Ph.D.

Pietro Galliani, Ph.D., dependence logic

Daisuke Ikegami, Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher, set theory

Vadim Kulikov, Ph.D.

Andrés Villaveces, Prof., frequent visitor

Agatha Walczak-Typke, postdoctoral fellow, model theory, set theory, and algebra.

Former members of the group can be found in the list of Ph.Ds from the Logic Group.

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