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LS workstation (and temporarily also HCA workstation) can be used remotely from your office computer of even from your home if you have a fast internet connection.

Install Remote Graphics System (RGS) client

See HP ZCENTRAL REMOTE BOOST installation instructions.

Connecting from outside the University network

If you want to connect to the workstations from home, you need to use VPN. See first the University VPN instructions.

Start HP RGS Receiver

  • Start menu → HP → HP RGS Receiver
  • Settings →  Performance
    • Turn on HP Velocity and Advanced Video Compression if they are not on already.
    • If you have problems with the Remote connection try without one or both of these.
    • In principle Advanced Video Compression should be used with home connections and HP Velocity when using high speed connection like University network.
  • On the Home screen type the IP address
    • LS workstation:
    • HCA workstation:
  • Click Connect
  • Give your university username (e.g. and password.

Connection to LS workstation opens to a new screen. Everything should work like you were sitting at the workstation.

How to end your RGS session

  1. Log out from the remote computer
    • Start → Click account icon → Sign out
  2. Close the RGS window or disconnect it.

Otherwise nobody else can log in remotely and anybody beside the computer can get into your personal files. Do not choose Shut down.

 Rules to remember

  • You need to have a reservation.
  • Write on the reservation description "remote use" so that others know the system is being used remotely.
  • Always remember to log off, do not shut down.
  • If you are logged in without reservation, administrators may log you off or restart the computer. In this case any unsaved data will be lost.
  • This service is intended for people who use Imaris or other software available on the LS workstation a lot and are able to do it without support from LMU staff.

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