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DV Ultra Manuals

LMU customers can see the manuals page by logging in to wiki pages

Immersion oil calculator


Instructions on how to run deconvolution automatically after image acquisition.

Technical details


4x 0.15 NA Air
10x 0.3 NA Air
20x 0.45 NA Air
60x 1.42 NA Oil
100x 1.4 NA OIl


White light LED for transmitted light imaging
Solid State 



Pco edge 4.2ge sCMOS camera 
2040 x 2040 pixels


Customized Olympus IX-73 Inverted Microscope


Motorized xyz stage. Travel range 106 mm × 70 mm  x 7 mm


Deltavision Ultra has both image (contrast) based autofocus and hardware based autofocus.  The former is meant to be used when you need to quickly find 'an optimal' focal plane. The latter is uses infrared laser to keep the distance between the sample and the objective constant and is used during long time-lapse experiments to keep your sample in focus. Within the DV software the image based autofocus is called 'autofocus' and the hardware based autofocus is called UltimateFocus. 

Operating system

CentOS 7 Linux

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